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Hamakua Marsh

Suliformes > Fregatidae

Great Frigatebird

Fregata minor

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A large black seabird that holds its wings in a distinctive crook. The long, forked tail may appear pointed when folded. Males are all black with a red throat pouch. Females have a white breast. Immatures have a white head and breast. All-dark plumage of male and lack of a pale “armpit” in female and immature separate this species from Lesser and Christmas Island Frigatebirds. Separation from Magnificent Frigatebird can be difficult; note pale wing panel in males and indistinct pale throat in females (Magnificent females have a clean all-dark head). Nests in trees and bushes on tropical islands. Often seen flying along the shoreline, sometimes very high, and sometimes inland. Chases other seabirds to steal their prey.



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