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Marion, Alabama, United States

Caprimulgiformes > Caprimulgidae

Greater Antillean Nightjar

Antrostomus cubanensis

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A nocturnal woodland species that primarily hunts by “flycatching,” often from the ground, on long rounded wings. Sometimes found along roadsides at night, and during the day can be found roosting on the ground in dense leaf litter or perched on tree limbs, parallel to limb. Note white-tipped outer tail feathers, silvery mustache and eyebrow, and pale-spotted belly. The Chuck-will’s-widow is similar in size and shape but is warmer brown overall and lacks the tail, facial, and belly markings of this species. The Least Pauraque is substantially smaller and has a shorter tail, with more limited white on the tail tip. On Hispaniola, song consists of a click-like “pit” followed by a low burry “brrr-reee” with emphasis on the second syllable. On Cuba, song is a drawn out, low, trilled “wurrrrr” or low, hollow, slightly trilled “uh-wooooo-oo.”



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Greater Antillean Nightjar

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