Male (Northern) © Darren Clark eBird S65364296 Macaulay Library ML 215206921
Female (Northern) © Bryan Calk
Male (Velasquez's) © Ian Davies
Female (Velasquez's) © Emily Turteltaub Nelson
Male (Northern) © Becca Engdahl
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Male (Northern) © Lawrence Haller
Male (Northern) © Michelle Cano 🦜

Golden-fronted Woodpecker Melanerpes aurifrons

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Medium-sized woodpecker, plain buffy-brown overall with black-and-white barring on the back. Head pattern varies across range but usually shows some combination of yellow and red. Most males on the Caribbean slope of Mexico and into Central America have a solidly red crown and nape. In flight, look for white rump. Common and conspicuous in open woodlands, deciduous forest, and arid scrub from Texas and Oklahoma south to Nicaragua. Often the default woodpecker close to human settlements. Visits backyards and feeders, especially for oranges and jelly. Hybridizes with Red-bellied Woodpecker at the northern limits of its range and with Hoffmann’s Woodpecker at the southern limits. Also compare with the smaller Yucatan Woodpecker.