Fulvous Antshrike Frederickena fulva

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Large antbird found in lowland and foothill rainforest in the western Amazon basin. Male is black with very fine white barring all over. Female is brown with dense black barring on body; her tail is black with white bars. Both sexes have a crest which is often held flat. Almost identical in plumage to Undulated Antshrike, though female Fulvous is more heavily marked; the two are best separated by range and voice. Also similar to both Fasciated and Barred Antshrikes, but Fulvous is larger and darker; male has much finer white barring, and female has brown underparts with wavy black bars. Pairs skulk inside dense forest understory where they are very hard to see, and usually first detected by voice. Song is a rising series of ten or so loud, emphatic whistles. Also gives a short “falling bomb” squeal.



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