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Passeriformes > Phylloscopidae

Eastern Crowned Warbler

Phylloscopus coronatus

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A boldly marked songbird, rather large for a leaf warbler, usually seen foraging in the canopy. From below, a bright yellow vent and broad orange-based bill distinguish it from most other local leaf- warblers. Crisp yellow-tinged olive above, with very weak thin wingbars and black-bordered white eyebrow. Pale crown stripe is often not visible. Similar to Claudia's, Blyth's, and Hartert's Leaf- Warblers but head pattern is more powerfully contrasting in Eastern Crowned. Song is a burst of two or three “wi-tcher” calls, followed by a wheezy and tuneless “reee.” Unlike other leaf-warblers, seldom calls on wintering grounds but sometimes gives a brief “fit” or sweeter “chi” (the latter sounding like Ijima’s common call). Breeds in openings, edges, and cuts in well-forested areas; can be found in a wide range of wooded habitats when not breeding.



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Eastern Crowned Warbler

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