Davison's Leaf Warbler Phylloscopus intensior

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Small, brightly-colored leaf warbler. Yellowish green above and pale below, with bright yellow brow stripes, a pale crown stripe, and a bicolored bill (dark above, orange below). Has two wingbars, of which upper can be quite pale or absent. Note white undertail and distinct behavior of flicking both wings at the same time (Blyth’s, Claudia’s, and Hartert’s leaf warblers flick their wings alternatingly). More extensively yellow and with a stronger, more contrasting head pattern than Blyth’s and Emei leaf warblers, and lacks the bright rump patch of “Pallas’s-type” leaf warblers. Closely related Kloss’s Leaf Warbler is extremely similar; look for Davison’s brighter and more extensively white undertail coverts. Breeds in deciduous broadleaved and mixed hill and montane forest; descends into forested foothills in the non-breeding season. Song is short and sweet: “wih-chew-chee wih-chew-chee-wih”. Calls are high and liquid-sounding: “chew-wee” or “wit-chew-wee”.



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