© Natthaphat Chotjuckdikul
© Neoh Hor Kee
© Sahasrangshu Pal Choudhury
© Sandhya Lenka

Coppersmith Barbet Psilopogon haemacephalus

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A small, widespread, and cute little barbet with streaked underparts and a well-patterned face. Most populations have a red forehead, yellow around the eye and throat, and a black eyestripe all bordered at the rear of the crown by a black band. Also note red “badge” on upper chest. Female averages duller than the male, with some yellow on a narrower red “badge”. Immature lacks all red and has faint streaking on the throat. Subspecies in Sumatra, Nusa Tenggara, and the central Philippines have bright red-and-black faces. While common, can be hard to see; listen instead for its call, a prolonged and unmistakable “kuk-kuk-kuk.” Favors open woodlands, forest edge, and gardens in lowland and foothill areas; ranges up into higher elevations in the Philippines and Indonesia.