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Alachua, Florida, United States

Passeriformes > Parulidae

Connecticut Warbler

Oporornis agilis

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Large, skulky, seldom-seen warbler. Lemon-yellow below and olive-brown above with a gray hood and complete white eyering. Female slightly duller than male. Immature has brownish hood, not gray, and is usually duller yellow below. Breeds in boggy forest with spruce or tamarack. In migration, typically found very low in dense tangles and thickets, where it walks along branches or on the ground. Especially look for weedy fields at the edge of forest, often with dense thickets, goldenrod, and jewelweed. A late spring migrant; in fall, mostly departs the U.S. by early October and flies nonstop to South America, but wintering range is not well-known. Compare with Mourning Warbler and immature Common Yellowthroat; look for Connecticut’s complete white eyering, large size, long undertail coverts, and habit of walking instead of hopping.



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