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Common Ground Dove

Columbina passerina

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Tiny dove with short, square-tipped tail. Male is sandy brown with a pinkish hue, female is slightly duller. Look for scaly pattern on neck and breast, dark spots on wings, and pink bill with dark tip. In flight, look for rufous wings and small white corners on tail. Fairly common from the southern U.S. to southeast Brazil. Inhabits open or shrubby areas with tall grasses or groves of trees, including riparian corridors and open savannas; also in towns. Usually in pairs or small groups on the ground; also perches in low trees and shrubs. Eats seeds, grains, and some insects. Compare with female Ruddy Ground Dove and Plain-breasted Ground Dove, especially because female Common can have reduced scaling. Can occur in mixed flocks with other ground doves.



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