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Dulong Gorge (独龙江)
Passeriformes > Phylloscopidae

Claudia's Leaf Warbler

Phylloscopus claudiae

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One of the Blyth’s-type warblers, this species regularly flicks its wings one after the other. Usually forages actively high up in the canopy, clambering along branches. Breeds in well-forested areas, but can be found in sparser forest edges in the winter. A large leaf warbler, it has a pale belly, weak wingbars, and a strong brow and crown pattern. Listen for its song, a squeaky and repetitive series of rolling whistled notes.The closely related Hartert’s Leaf Warbler is very similar but averages brighter yellow, especially on the crown stripe. Calls of the two species are very similar—a quick ‘pee-chuh!’—but their breeding ranges do not overlap. Overlaps on wintering grounds with very similar Blyth’s Leaf Warbler, from which it may be impossible to separate at times; note whiter brow stripe (particularly at the back), less yellow underparts, and slightly different voice.



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Claudia's Leaf Warbler

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