Adult © Peter Hawrylyshyn
Adult © Ian Davies
Juvenile © Jay McGowan
Adult © Evan Lipton
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Adult © Russ Morgan
Adult © Jeffrey Schaarschmidt
Juvenile © Lorri Howski 🦋
Flock © Esteban Matías (birding guide) Sierra de los Cuchumatanes Huehuetenango +502 53810540
Flock © Jay McGowan
Flock © Kathleen Kent
Flock © Dennis Cooke

Cedar Waxwing Bombycilla cedrorum

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Plump, smooth-plumaged bird with distinctive thin, high-pitched call. Adults have a sleek crest, black mask, pale yellow wash on the belly, and yellow-tipped tail. Juveniles are drabber than adults, with coarse streaking on the breast and a reduced mask. Widespread and fairly common in open woodlands, orchards, and shrubby areas throughout most of North America. Winter range is variable and somewhat dependent on fruit crops; sometimes ventures as far south as Panama. Often gathers in large flocks, especially around fruiting trees. Compare with Bohemian Waxwing in the northern part of range; Cedar is smaller, browner, and has a white (not rufous) undertail.