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Mendocino, California, United States

Anseriformes > Anatidae

Blue-winged Teal

Spatula discors

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Small duck with chalky-blue patches on the upperwing (visible in flight). Breeding males unmistakable with bold white crescent in front of eye and polka-dotted sides. Females are cold brown overall and intricately patterned. Look for a hint of a pale crescent on the face, as well as a dark eyeline and pale eye-arcs. Usually found in shallow wetlands or marshes, where it can occur in pairs or flocks, sometimes mixed with other species of ducks. Compare with other teal species: female Cinnamon Teal is warmer-toned overall and has a duller face pattern, while female Green-winged Teal is more compact, darker, and has a different wing pattern in flight.



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