Buff-throated Warbler Phylloscopus subaffinis

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A very plain small warbler without wingbars. Olive-green above with a yellow-washed pale belly and a thin yellowish brow stripe that is strongest above the eye. Tickell’s and Alpine Leaf Warblers are extremely similar; note Buff-throated’s weaker brow pattern that considerably weakens before the eye, shorter bill with a darker tip, and duller buff underparts. Yellow-streaked Warbler can also be similar; again, compare Buff-throated’s shorter bill, as well as its dark grayish (instead of pale pink) legs, yellowish-buff non-contrasting throat, and more yellowish-green upperparts. Radde’s and Dusky Warblers can also be a source of confusion on migration and during the winter, but are visibly larger and bulkier, with distinctly tan-tinged brow stripes. Buff-throated breeds in montane forests up to the treeline, and descends into foothills and lowlands in the winter, where it prefers scrubby habitat. Song is a loud, vibrant “tee-tee-tee-tee-tee,” often with a quiet introductory note. Also gives quiet, somewhat cricket-like chirps and chirrups.



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