Male © Forest Botial-Jarvis eBird S57072321 Macaulay Library ML 162780751
Female © Morten Venas
Male © Ian Davies
Female © Forest Botial-Jarvis
Male © Michael Riffel
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Male and female © Oleg Chernyshov

agapornis etiopský Agapornis taranta

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A small, short-tailed parrot that is mostly dark green. Males have a red patch above the bill and black underwings that are distinctive in flight. Found at middle elevations in the Abyssinian highlands, in savanna, woodland, and forest, usually in small flocks. Very similar to Red-headed Lovebird, but range overlap is minor, and Black-winged is separated by the facial pattern: a small red patch in males and no colorful patch in females. The call is a high-pitched, sliding “see-lee,” often given in flight.