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Morris Woods State Nature Preserve

Passeriformes > Parulidae

Blackpoll Warbler

Setophaga striata

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Relatively large warbler of the boreal forest. Breeding males can be confused with Black-and-white Warbler. Note different head pattern; solid black cap and bright white cheek. Breeding females are a washed out, streakier version of male. Immatures are quite different: lemony-yellow head and breast with blurry streaking, white wingbars, and white undertail coverts. Distinctive orange feet helps distinguish Blackpoll from similar immature Bay-breasted and Pine Warblers. Found in any forested habitat during migration. Favors conifers, especially stunted spruce at higher elevations for breeding. Known for its exceptional migration over the Atlantic Ocean; can travel from East Coast of U.S. to South America in one nonstop flight!



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