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Passeriformes > Turdidae

Bicknell's Thrush

Catharus bicknelli

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Rare and shy thrush which breeds in stunted spruce forests on mountaintops in remote areas of the Maritime Northeast. Infrequently seen during migration and tends to be more secretive than other thrushes, sticking to denser thickets within forests. Brown above with spotted breast and very faint eyering. Small bill with yellow base. Shows a reddish wash on tail and wings, duller than Hermit Thrush, but difficult to judge without excellent view. Nearly identical to Gray-cheeked Thrush, which lacks reddish wash. Voice very similar to Gray-cheeked. Song is a stuttering series of phrases with a notably wiry tone, overall descending but usually with rising final note. Call a high-pitched, piercing "pzeeer". Both song and call overlap completely with Gray-cheeked. No breeding range overlap with other thrushes, but most birds best left unidentified during migration.



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Bicknell's Thrush

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