Adult (fulgens) © Shawn Billerman eBird S17608587 Macaulay Library ML 35646961
Adult (fulgens) © Georges Duriaux
Adult and juvenile (fulgens) © Sean Fitzgerald
Adult (autumnalis) © David Monroy Rengifo
Juvenile (autumnalis) © Jay McGowan
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Adult (autumnalis) © Luis Mario Arce
Adult and chick © Harlan Stewart
Adult (fulgens) © Ryan Shaw
Adult (fulgens) © Sean Fitzgerald

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck Dendrocygna autumnalis

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Gangly duck with long neck and legs. Unmistakable adult has chestnut-and-black body with electric pink legs and bill. Look for the bold white wing stripe, especially visible in flight. Juvenile is duller brownish overall with gray bill and legs. Young birds could be confused with Fulvous Whistling-Duck, but juvenile Black-bellied has a white wing stripe and typically shows some black coming in on the sides and belly. Flocks gather in marshes, lakes, rice fields, and swamps, sometimes by the hundreds. Active day and night. Occurs throughout Middle and South America. Range is expanding northward in the U.S., but still largely restricted to southern states. Vocal and conspicuous; listen for wheezy whistles and chirps.