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Database update: November 17-19 maintenance

We're molting into something amazing! Just like this Northern Red Bishop © Mel Senac / Macaulay Library

Over the past year, eBird developers have been hard at work updating our entire database of tools, resources, and nearly one billion bird observations. To finish this update, it will be necessary to take our servers offline for a maintenance period.

eBird will be unavailable starting 8am ET on 17 November until 8am ET on 19 November. Other affected services include: eBird APIs, Birds of the World, Bird Academy, Merlin Bird ID, and the Macaulay Library. You will also not be able to access any programs that require logging in with your Cornell Lab account during the outage.

There should be no noticeable changes to eBird functionality once the maintenance period is complete. However, this update will allow us to bring you exciting new features in the near future!

What can I do while eBird is down?

  • Keep checklists with eBird Mobile. If you download eBird Mobile before 17 Nov, you can start eBird Mobile checklists during the downtime and submit them once eBird is back online. Learn how to get eBird Mobile here.
  • Get out and go birding! In addition to the eBirder of the Month challenge for November, every eligible checklist with a start time between 8am ET on 17 Nov and 8am ET on 19 Nov gives you a chance to win a pair of Zeiss Terra binoculars. To enter, use your preferred method of keeping lists (eBird Mobile, pen & paper, etc.) during the 48-hour scheduled outage period and submit them when eBird is back online—enter the checklists by 25 November for your chance to win.
  • Watch the Cornell Lab Bird Cams for live footage of finches in Canada, tanagers in Panama, and albatross in New Zealand. Check out the video highlights for some special guest appearances!
  • Share your “life without eBird.” What are you doing without eBird? Share your experiences on social media with the hashtag #lifewithouteBird

More events will be added soon! Bookmark this link and check back later to see what new activities are in store during our database migration.