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Black-chinned x Anna's Hummingbird (hybrid)

Count  1
James Moodie
Tumalo Circle South, Deschutes River Woods, Deschutes, Oregon

Common Black x Red-shouldered Hawk (hybrid)

species 1.

Warbling x Red-eyed Vireo (hybrid)

Red-vented/Red-whiskered Bulbul

Count  2
Steven Kurniawidjaja

Bullock's/Black-backed Oriole

Yellow-breasted Chat x new world oriole sp. (hybrid)

Red-eyed/Black-whiskered Vireo

Count  1
Anonymous eBirder
On Top Of The World/Stirling Meadows, Marion, Florida

Phylloscopus sp.

Count  1
Ellen Stepniewski
8035 Qaiyaan St, Utqiagvik US-AK 71.30361, -156.72864, North Slope, Alaska

old world warbler sp.

species 2.
Count  1
Chris Benesh
Redwing re-found, North Slope, Alaska
species 3.
Count  1
Ken Lamberton
Mule Pass Yard, Cochise, Arizona
species 4.

Dark-eyed x Yellow-eyed Junco (hybrid)

Mute x Trumpeter Swan (hybrid)

species 5.
species 6.
Count  1
Barry Newberger
10037 Circleview Dr, Austin US-TX 30.30008, -97.89510, Travis, Texas

Barn x Cliff Swallow (hybrid)

Laughing x Ring-billed Gull (hybrid)

Count  1
Amar Ayyash
Calumet Park, Cook, Illinois
species 7.
Count  1
Brent Ortego
lavaca bay spoils, Calhoun, Texas
species 8.
species 9.
Count  1
Ryan Zucker
Fieldfare Location (2022), North Slope, Alaska
species 10.
species 11.

Common Ringed/Semipalmated Plover

White-crowned x White-throated Sparrow (hybrid)

Colima x Virginia's Warbler (hybrid)

Count  3
Ari Rice
Davis Mountains- Tobe Spring Trail, Jeff Davis, Texas

Red-necked/Little Stint

Count  1
Daniel Slipp
Pond, Cumberland, New Jersey

Anna's x Broad-billed Hummingbird (hybrid)

Lucifer x Black-chinned Hummingbird (hybrid)

Count  1
Marty Herde
Summerhaven Place, Pima, Arizona
species 12.

Bullock's x Baltimore Oriole (hybrid)

species 13.
Count  48
Chris McCreedy - no playbacks
Amargosa River--Shoshone PRBO Nest Plot, Inyo, California

Downy x Nuttall's Woodpecker (hybrid)

Graylag Goose (Domestic type) x Canada Goose (hybrid)

Count  24
Rodney Strayer
109 N. Big Lake, Noble, Indiana

Townsend's/Hermit Warbler

Black-chinned x Calliope Hummingbird (hybrid)

Count  1
Brendan Bucy
Wesley Drive, Washoe, Nevada

Blue-winged x Green-winged Teal (hybrid)

Pica sp.

yellowthroat sp.

owl sp.

Nuttall's/Ladder-backed Woodpecker

tropicbird sp.

species 14.
Count  106
Eric VanderWerf
Mt. Kaala Access Road, Honolulu, Hawaii

Dark-eyed Junco x White-throated Sparrow (hybrid)

Northern Shoveler x Gadwall (hybrid)

species 15.
Count  1
Andrew Piston
Ward Cove - Grassy Knoll, Ketchikan Gateway, Alaska

small swift sp.

Count  15
Jim Huffsmith

Barn x Cave Swallow (hybrid)

Little x Snowy Egret (hybrid)

Ring-necked Duck x Greater Scaup (hybrid)

Count  1
Bradley Waggoner
Kitsap County - Kingston Driving Range, Kitsap, Washington
species 16.
Count  74
Tom Johnson
TOOBCROOZ 04262022 P, San Francisco, California
species 17.

Tufted Duck x Lesser Scaup (hybrid)

Tufted Duck x scaup sp. (hybrid)

Chipping Sparrow/Worm-eating Warbler

Shiny/Bronzed Cowbird

Hudsonian/Marbled Godwit

Count  3
William Flack
Pond on 1700 N of Z, Webster, Nebraska

grebe sp.

Count  400
Amanda St. Pierre

Red-crowned x Red-lored Parrot (hybrid)

species 18.

Short-billed/Long-billed Dowitcher

Count  26,450
Robert Penner
Cheyenne Bottoms Ecosystem, Barton, Kansas

Red-tailed x Rough-legged Hawk (hybrid)

Count  1
Mani Gomez
785-789 Fox Farm Road, Montana, US (48.302, -114.382), Flathead, Montana
species 19.
Count  200
Alex Wang
Auto selected 23.06221, -161.91831, Honolulu, Hawaii
species 20.

California x Crissal Thrasher (hybrid)

Count  1
Sonja Kramer
1284 Henderson Canyon Road, Borrego Springs, California, US (33.3, -116.349), San Diego, California

American Wigeon x Green-winged Teal (hybrid)

whistling-duck sp.

Black-bellied x Fulvous Whistling-Duck (hybrid)

Island Canary (Domestic type)

Anna's x Rufous Hummingbird (hybrid)

species 21.

Bufflehead x Common Goldeneye (hybrid)

species 22.
Count  24
William Scott
18453 Mason-Smith Road, Brooksville, Florida, US (28.526, -82.422), Hernando, Florida

Ross's x Greater White-fronted Goose (hybrid)

Cinnamon x Green-winged Teal (hybrid)

Snow/Ross's Goose

Count  800,000
ellen bloomer
species 23.
Count  1
John and Sue Ewan
409 Military Highway, San Juan, Texas, US (26.088, -98.17), Hidalgo, Texas

Gadwall x Northern Pintail (hybrid)

species 24.
Count  1
Shawn T. Dash
934 Arrowsic Road, Arrowsic, Maine, US (43.852, -69.773), Sagadahoc, Maine

Strix sp.

Red-tailed x Ferruginous Hawk (hybrid)

Gadwall x Mallard (hybrid)

species 25.
Count  1
Matthew Winkler

Curve-billed x Long-billed Thrasher (hybrid)

Mallard x Mexican/Mottled Duck (hybrid)

species 26.

large macaw sp.

Redhead x Lesser Scaup (hybrid)

Bridled/Juniper Titmouse

Count  7
Gina Jenkins
Stargazer, Maricopa, Arizona

Parid sp.

House/Italian Sparrow

Purple/Cassin's Finch

Count  50
Susan Bolgiano
Residence, Baker, Oregon
species 27.

Mexican/Mottled Duck

Redhead x scaup sp. (hybrid)

Indigo x Painted Bunting (hybrid)

Greater/Lesser White-fronted Goose

Red-billed/Red-tailed Tropicbird

Caprimulgus sp.

Count  1
Sidney Craig
4413 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota US-FL 27.28957, -82.53056, Sarasota, Florida
species 28.
Count  5
Bill Bauer
He‘eia State Park, Kaneohe US-HI 21.44184, -157.80884, Honolulu, Hawaii
species 29.

Pine Siskin x American Goldfinch (hybrid)

Count  1
Iain MacLeod
119 Little Pond Road, Sandwich, New Hampshire, US (43.793, -71.401), Carroll, New Hampshire

Hooded x Common Merganser (hybrid)

Northern Shoveler x Mallard (hybrid)

species 30.

Canvasback x Ring-necked Duck (hybrid)

Canyon/Abert's Towhee

species 31.

Wood Duck x Mallard (hybrid)

Mallard (Domestic type)

species 32.

Herring x Glaucous Gull (hybrid)

Count  30
Lars Per Norgren
33541 Hinck Road, Tangent, Oregon, US (44.556, -123.137)PRFA pad, E of Tangent WTP, Linn, Oregon

Eurasian x American Wigeon (hybrid)

Northern Shoveler x American Wigeon (hybrid)

species 33.
species 34.
Count  1
Ariana Duarte Canizales
8456-7968 Kalanianaʻole Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii, US (21.28, -157.681), Honolulu, Hawaii

harrier sp.

species 35.
Count  5
Frank Mantlik
US-CT-Ellington-44-72 Frog Hollow Rd - 41.9011x-72.4934, Tolland, Connecticut

Graylag x Canada Goose (hybrid)

Double-crested/Neotropic Cormorant

species 36.
Count  10,000
John Carlson
11–55 Fullerton Rd, Glasgow US-MT 48.04504, -106.55496, Valley, Montana

Black-headed x Ring-billed Gull (hybrid)

Steller's x Blue Jay (hybrid)

Count  1
Van Truan
Beulah, Pueblo, Colorado

Golden/Bald Eagle

swamphen sp.

species 37.
Count  1000
Kyle Kittelberger

House/Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Count  75
Adrian Burke
17100–17194 217th St W, Illinois City US-IL 41.35302, -90.86893, Rock Island, Illinois
species 38.
Count  50
Cathy Olson
A pines near 7320 Miller Drive, Miami-Dade, Florida

American/Fish Crow

Muscovy Duck (Domestic type)

Count  400
Dimitris Dimopoulos
species 39.

Mexican x Mottled Duck (hybrid)

Tufted Duck x Greater Scaup (hybrid)

Count  1
Mark Dettling
Hwy 1 pullout south of Millerton Pt.-CA 38.10499, -122.84004, Marin, California

waterfowl sp.

Greater White-fronted x Cackling Goose (hybrid)

species 40.
Count  200
Ryan Rodriguez
La Goria landfill hawk stop, Hidalgo, Texas

white-winged gull sp.

Black-capped/Mountain Chickadee

Domestic goose sp. (Domestic type) x Canada Goose (hybrid)

snipe sp.

species 41.
Count  1
Loch Kilpatrick

Eurasian/American Wigeon

Count  2000
Michael Barry
Brittany to Dungeness Landing, Clallam, Washington

elaenia sp. (genus Elaenia)

Count  1
Candida Abrahamson

Blue-winged Teal x Northern Shoveler (hybrid)

Glaucous x Great Black-backed Gull (hybrid)

Couch's Kingbird x Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (hybrid)

species 42.
Count  250
monika vigran
Poipu Bay Golf Course, Koloa US-HI 21.87785, -159.43668, Kauai, Hawaii
species 43.

Greater White-fronted x Canada Goose (hybrid)

Common Gallinule x American Coot (hybrid)

Acanthis/Spinus sp.

Dunlin x White-rumped Sandpiper (hybrid)

species 44.

Canyon x Abert's Towhee (hybrid)

Red-shouldered/Broad-winged Hawk

Black-chinned x Costa's Hummingbird (hybrid)

Lincoln's/Swamp Sparrow

Count  22
Jeff Ellerbusch

merganser sp.

sparrow/warbler sp. (trilling song)

American/Black Oystercatcher

vireo sp. (Red-eyed Vireo complex)

large rail sp.

Count  38
Michael Lanzone
Yard List- West Cape May, Cape May, New Jersey

Rallus sp.

Count  16
Michael Lanzone
Yard List- West Cape May, Cape May, New Jersey

Black-throated Gray x Townsend's Warbler (hybrid)

species 45.

Passer sp.

Blue-footed x Brown Booby (hybrid)

oystercatcher sp.

falcon sp.

pygmy-owl/saw-whet owl sp.

Count  1
Sean Cozart
National Forest Development Road 64, Weston, Oregon, US (45.802, -118.035), Union, Oregon
Count  41
Art Nadelman
species 46.

American Wigeon x Mallard (hybrid)

species 47.
species 48.

Aquila sp.

Count  1
Steven C
Freedom road, Leon, Florida

Snowy Egret x Little Blue Heron (hybrid)

Townsend's x Black-throated Green Warbler (hybrid)

species 49.
Count  3
Paige Mino
Pearl and Hermes Reef, Honolulu, Hawaii
species 50.
Count  1
Tom Hince
Approximate Location, Marion, Florida
species 51.

Orchard/Hooded Oriole

Count  3
Dan Jones
Jones yard, Progreso Lakes, Hidalgo, Texas
species 52.

cordonbleu sp.

Bullock's/Baltimore Oriole

species 53.
species 54.
species 55.
species 56.

Leiothlypis sp.

Tyrannus sp.

Count  25
Mary Gustafson
Jara Chinas Rd, Penitas US-TX 26.26588, -98.48342, Hidalgo, Texas
species 57.

hummingbird sp.

Count  200
Hans Petermann
USA-CA-SDC-Warner Springs-Cerrada Del Coyote, San Diego, California
species 58.
Count  270
Tom Johnson
NOAA HB21-02 Track 50D 08152021, Worcester, Maryland

Green-tailed x Spotted Towhee (hybrid)

species 59.
Count  1
Doug Gochfeld
NOAA EcoMon PC2104 08/13 5, Hancock, Maine

wagtail sp.

Cory's/Cape Verde Shearwater

Count  1
Doug Gochfeld
NOAA EcoMon PC2104 08/09 1C, Nantucket, Massachusetts

Red-naped/Red-breasted Sapsucker

Count  4
Caleb Centanni
Hunts Cove--Hanks Lake to Hunts Lake, Linn, Oregon

Ammospiza sp.

Graylag x Swan Goose (Domestic type) (hybrid)

species 60.
Count  2000
Derek LaFlamme
Herbert Hoover Dike, Moore Haven, Florida, US (26.928, -81.255), Glades, Florida

California/Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay

Count  50
Warwick Board
Pine Nut Mountains, Lyon, Nevada
species 61.
species 62.
Count  25,000
Mike Malmquist
species 63.
species 64.

murrelet sp.

Snowy Egret x Tricolored Heron (hybrid)

Count  2
Brent Bordelon
Willow, Orleans, Louisiana
species 65.
Count  1
ian bruce
Egegik alaska us, Lake and Peninsula, Alaska
species 66.
Count  32
Tom Reale
Resurrection Pass Trail 318, Cooper Landing, Alaska, US (60.57, -149.876), Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Lazuli x Indigo Bunting (hybrid)

species 67.

Cockatiel (Domestic type)

Slaty-backed x Glaucous Gull (hybrid)

American Redstart x Northern Parula (hybrid)

Count  1
Jerald Reb
905 Passaic Ave, Kearny US-NJ 40.78442, -74.14688, Hudson, New Jersey
species 68.

White-winged/Stejneger's Scoter

Red-naped x Red-breasted Sapsucker (hybrid)

species 69.
Count  78
Anonymous eBirder
Ruby Mining Road, Yukon-Koyukuk, Alaska

Red/Cassia Crossbill

species 70.
species 71.
species 72.
species 73.
species 74.
species 75.