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Black-throated Gray x Townsend's Warbler (hybrid)

Count  1
Nancy Benner
Hidden Valley Nest, Pinal

Anas sp.

small swift sp.

Rose-breasted x Black-headed Grosbeak (hybrid)

Count  1
John Wilson
2638 Bourdon Ranch Road, Navajo

Indian Peafowl (Domestic type)

Count  1
Kevinn Fung
West Wetlands, Yuma

Lesser/Greater Roadrunner

Count  1
Anonymous eBirder
Gateway Park, Yuma US-AZ 32.72762, -114.61636, Yuma

Greater White-fronted x Cackling Goose (hybrid)

Ammospiza sp.

Lucifer x Black-chinned Hummingbird (hybrid)

Count  1
Marty Herde
Summerhaven Place, Pima

Northern/Tropical Parula

Count  1
Theresa Lawson
species 1.

Ash-throated/Nutting's Flycatcher

Count  1
Erin Bowen
Coronado National Forest, Nogales US-AZ (31.4033,-111.2483), Santa Cruz

parrot sp.

Ridgway's/Mangrove/Clapper Rail

crane sp.

Laughing/Franklin's Gull

large swift sp.

Count  1
Harrison Karr
Thsohotso Wash, Apache

Northern x Gilded Flicker (hybrid)

Branta sp.

rosy-finch sp.

Gadwall x Northern Pintail (hybrid)

Ring-necked Duck x Greater Scaup (hybrid)

Count  1
Brittany O'Connor
species 2.

Bufflehead x Common Goldeneye (hybrid)

Downy/Ladder-backed Woodpecker

large rail sp.

Count  2
Kathie Schroeck

pipit sp.

Count  1
Eric Hough
Lonesome Valley (Middle), Yavapai

Black-throated Gray/Hermit Warbler

Parasitic/Long-tailed Jaeger

species 3.

Acanthis/Spinus sp.

Count  1
Tom Baxter
Yuma, AZ 85365, Yuma US-AZ (32.8737,-114.4643), Yuma

curlew sp.

Count  3
Sean Fitzgerald
334–648 E Pretzer Rd, Eloy US-AZ (32.6467,-111.5523), Pinal

Golden/Bald Eagle

Count  1
Brenda Zaun
Imperial National Wildlife Refuge, Yuma

Muscovy Duck x Mallard (hybrid)

Count  1
Lindsay Story

crossbill sp.

Count  2
Felipe Guerrero
(36.5416,-112.1591), Coconino

snipe sp.

Anna's Hummingbird x Selasphorus sp. (hybrid)

Count  1
Ron Batie
The Ice House, Santa Cruz

shrike sp.

Philadelphia/Warbling Vireo

Glaucidium sp.

Melanerpes sp.

Count  1
Jason Wilder
Wupatki National Monument - Western Grasslands, Coconino
species 4.

Philadelphia/Red-eyed Vireo

Count  1
Molly Pollock
species 5.
Count  1
Richard Webster
species 6.
Count  1
Kathryn Hart
species 7.
Count  1
Paule Hjertaas

coot sp.

Count  1
Cynthia Sequanna
Lukeville, SouthPuertoBlanco, Quitoboquito, Pima

Lincoln's/Swamp Sparrow

Count  1
Chris McCreedy - no playbacks
species 8.
Count  1
Laurens Halsey
Green Valley--Anza Trail south, Pima

chickadee sp.

Count  1
Louie Dombroski
species 9.
Count  3
Rob Bonner
Lake Montezuma, Yavapai

Herring/Iceland Gull

Count  1
Keith D Kamper
Lake St. Clair (permission required), Pinal

Canvasback x Redhead (hybrid)

plover sp.

Count  30
Scott Olmstead
S Avenue 3 E - 32.5501x-114.5800, Yuma

Black-chinned x Anna's Hummingbird (hybrid)

Count  1
Sheri Williamson
Williamson/Wood home - Mill Rd., Cochise

small plover sp.

Count  1
Chris McCreedy - no playbacks
species 10.
Count  1
Jason Wilder

storm-petrel sp. (dark-rumped)

Count  1
Laurens Halsey
US-AZ-Green Valley-4201-4449 S I 19 Frontage Rd - 31.8088x-111.0104, Pima
species 11.
Count  1
Brian Gibbons
US-AZ-Tucson-10798 E Placita Merengue - 32.1681x-110.7623, Pima

Leach's/Townsend's/Ainley's Storm-Petrel

Count  1
Jeff Coker
Houghton Rd abeam the American Legion, Pima

storm-petrel sp. (white-rumped)

Count  3
Bill Lisowsky
species 12.
Count  1
Laurens Halsey
species 13.
Count  4
Chris McCreedy - no playbacks

storm-petrel sp.

Count  2
Chris McCreedy - no playbacks

Red-winged/Tricolored Blackbird

species 14.

Pheucticus sp.

Myioborus sp.

Painted x Slate-throated Redstart (hybrid)

species 15.

Helmeted Guineafowl (Domestic type)

Canyon x Abert's Towhee (hybrid)

Mexican x Mottled Duck (hybrid)

Count  1
Cathy Sheeter

Mimidae sp.

Count  1
Andrew Core
California Gulch--FR4173 10th Cavalry Cemetery area, Santa Cruz
species 16.
Count  1
Jan Richmond
Rabbit Crossing, Mohave

Spotted/Eastern Towhee (Rufous-sided Towhee)

White-crowned x Golden-crowned Sparrow (hybrid)

Count  1
Rick Taylor
Chiricahua Mtns.--Whitetail Canyon, Cochise

Common/Ruddy Ground Dove

Count  1
Andrew Core
Red Rock--S Hollis Rd, Pinal

Cockatiel (Domestic type)

Count  1
Chris McCreedy - no playbacks

Redhead x Greater Scaup (hybrid)

Yellow-bellied x Red-naped Sapsucker (hybrid)

Eurasian Collared-Dove x Mourning Dove (hybrid)

Count  1
Jason K 🦩 Pietrzak
Belaflora balcony, Maricopa

Long-eared/Short-eared Owl

Count  1
Eric Hough
Apache NF-WMAT boundary, Apache

heron sp.

Count  1
Ryan O'Donnell
Central Arizona-Phoenix Long-term Ecological Research Project, reach BM, plot Down B1, Maricopa

Podiceps sp.

Hepatic/Summer Tanager

Count  1
Ed Dunn
The Shores - Pinal County, Pinal

Domestic goose sp. (Domestic type) x Canada Goose (hybrid)

parakeet sp.

Cinnamon Teal x Northern Shoveler (hybrid)

Tropical/Couch's Kingbird

Mallard x Northern Pintail (hybrid)

Count  1
David Vander Pluym

Northern Shoveler x Mallard (hybrid)

Purple/Cassin's Finch

Wood Duck x Mallard (hybrid)

Eurasian/American Wigeon

Count  1
Cathy Sheeter

Gadwall x American Wigeon (hybrid)

Black-bellied Plover/golden-plover sp.

Western Kingbird x Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (hybrid)

Parid sp.

Botteri's/Cassin's Sparrow

Scolopacidae sp.

species 17.
Count  4
John Shrader
5714 N. 10th Pl., Phoenix, Maricopa

Buteo/eagle sp.

Count  1
Jason K 🦩 Pietrzak
Hopi Point, Coconino

Graylag Goose (Domestic type) x Canada Goose (hybrid)

Count  1
Reba and Allan Dupilka
Crystal Gardens, Maricopa

Greater White-fronted x Canada Goose (hybrid)

Herring x Glaucous-winged Gull (hybrid)

Cinnamon x Green-winged Teal (hybrid)

booby sp.

species 18.
Count  1
Bobby Wilcox
Mittry Lake - marsh pond, Yuma

Swan Goose (Domestic type) x Canada Goose (hybrid)

Count  1
Douglas Killourie

kingfisher sp.

species 19.
Count  5
Larry Langstaff

Rusty/Brewer's Blackbird

Snow x Cackling Goose (hybrid)

Count  1
Steven Mlodinow
species 20.
Count  1
Tim Lenz
West Side of Rain God Mesa, Navajo

Common/Wilson's Snipe

Count  1
Reba and Allan Dupilka
Arlington, az, Maricopa
species 21.
Count  1
dale suter
south of big horn cove, Mohave

eagle sp.

Count  1
Marcel Such
Chinle, Apache

Tringa sp.

Count  1
Mark Stevenson

Graylag x Swan Goose (Domestic type) (hybrid)

thrush sp.

species 22.
Count  1
Arizona Bird Committee Records
Tucson--River/Oracle, Pima

Northern Cardinal x Pyrrhuloxia (hybrid)

species 23.
Count  1
Shaun Putz
1.5mi north of Condor Viewing Area, Coconino
species 24.

Gadwall x Mallard (hybrid)

Pomarine/Parasitic Jaeger

Turdus sp.

lovebird sp.

Count  X
Anonymous eBirder

grackle sp.

Count  1
🦉Richard Aracil🦅
Weedy field Liz's Grove, Pinal

Black-chinned x Broad-billed Hummingbird (hybrid)

Royal/Elegant Tern

Count  6
Michael Nicosia
species 25.
Count  1
Cody Hurlock
Von Santos Citrus Grove, Yuma

Western x Clark's Grebe (hybrid)

Count  1
Lauren Harter
Bill Williams Delta La Paz/Mohave County, La Paz

Surf/Black Scoter

species 26.
species 27.
Count  1

large shorebird sp.

Count  X
George Exum
Cibola NWR, La Paz
species 28.
Count  1
William Sutton

Connecticut/MacGillivray's/Mourning Warbler

species 29.
Count  1
James Logan

Loggerhead/Northern Shrike

Count  1
Chrissy Kondrat
Q Ranch, Gila

Lucifer x Anna's Hummingbird (hybrid)

Anna's x Costa's Hummingbird (hybrid)

Yellow-rumped x Townsend's Warbler (hybrid)

Count  1
AZFO Historical Data
Gila/Salt Rivers confluence, Maricopa

Ring-necked Duck x Lesser Scaup (hybrid)

Western/Eastern Wood-Pewee

Count  1
Rich Hoyer

Red-necked/Red Phalarope

Count  1
David Stejskal

Chaetura sp.

Count  1
Mark Stevenson

Lucifer x Costa's Hummingbird (hybrid)

species 30.

Summer x Western Tanager (hybrid)

Count  1
AZFO Historical Data

phoebe sp.

waterfowl sp.

Count  X
Eric Hough
Cholla Lake, Navajo
species 31.
Count  1
J Joseph
San Pedro House NC, Cochise

scoter sp.

rail/crake sp.

species 32.

Glossy x White-faced Ibis (hybrid)

Eastern/Mexican Whip-poor-will

species 33.

Setophaga sp.

Haemorhous sp.

Trumpeter/Tundra Swan

Count  X
Tyler Loomis
Gila river crossing, Maricopa
species 34.
Count  1
Dave Spier
US-AZ-COC Grand Canyon NP--Trailer Village, Coconino

moorhen/coot/gallinule sp.

gull/tern sp.

species 35.
species 36.

Broad-billed x Violet-crowned Hummingbird (hybrid)

Townsend's/Hermit Warbler

Count  1
Stella Miller

Zonotrichia sp.

species 37.

Peucaea sp.

Count  2
Richard Webster

Cooper's Hawk/Northern Goshawk

Swan Goose (Domestic type)

crow sp.

Count  1
Mike Stinson
species 38.

Louisiana/Northern Waterthrush

species 39.
Count  1
Molly Pollock
Tucson--Vine Ave near Roger Rd, Pima

Ring-necked Duck x scaup sp. (hybrid)

Count  2
Marshall Iliff
Colorado River below Parker Dam (AZ), La Paz

Common x Barrow's Goldeneye (hybrid)

Count  1
Marshall Iliff
Colorado River below Parker Dam (AZ), La Paz
species 40.

Cackling/Canada Goose

Count  1
Mark Stevenson

nightjar sp.

Count  1
Narca Moore-Craig

Hepatic x Flame-colored Tanager (hybrid)

American/Pacific Golden-Plover (Lesser Golden-Plover)

species 41.
species 42.
Count  1
Gavin Bieber

Chimney/Vaux's Swift

Count  1
Carl Haynie

Scaled x Gambel's Quail (hybrid)

Common/Barrow's Goldeneye

Count  40
Tim Dillingham
Winter Waterfowl Zone 6, La Paz
species 43.
Count  4
Mark Stevenson
Camp Verde ag areas, Yavapai

grebe sp.

Count  X
Patrick Ellsworth
Nelson Resrvoir, Apache
species 44.
Count  1
Mark Stevenson

Anna's x Rufous Hummingbird (hybrid)

Count  1
Paul Sweet
species 45.
species 46.
Count  1
Dale Clark
Arlington Canal road and 331st Ave area, Maricopa

ibis sp.

Count  20
Janie Agyagos
Verde River at Tapco, Yavapai

Graylag Goose (Domestic type)

Count  1
Graham B Langley
USA N Bush Hwy and Saguaro Lake, Maricopa

Snow x Ross's Goose (hybrid)

Count  1
Mark Stevenson

large tern sp.

Eurasian/African Collared-Dove

Count  1
Ann Gurka
4750 East Cotton Gin Loop, Phoenix, Arizona, US (33.404, -111.98), Maricopa

new world vulture sp.

Count  1
Ann Gurka
4750 East Cotton Gin Loop, Phoenix, Arizona, US (33.404, -111.98), Maricopa

tern sp.

American Wigeon x Mallard (hybrid)

species 47.
Count  1
Janine McCabe
Sonoita Creek Preserve, Circle Z Ranch, Santa Cruz
species 48.
Count  1
Mark Stevenson
species 49.
species 50.
Count  1
Mark Stevenson
Cook's Lake (restricted access), Pinal
species 51.

Blue-winged Teal x Northern Shoveler (hybrid)

Rivoli's x Berylline Hummingbird (hybrid)

species 52.
Count  1
Mark Stevenson
species 53.
Count  1
Mark Stevenson

Townsend's x Hermit Warbler (hybrid)

Count  1
Mark Stevenson
species 54.
species 55.
Count  1
Mark Stevenson

jay sp.

Blue-winged x Cinnamon Teal (hybrid)

Cliff/Cave Swallow

Count  1
Marshall Iliff
Marana Rd.--Santa Cruz River crossing, Pima

Grasshopper/Baird's Sparrow

species 56.
species 57.
Count  1
David Krueper
Arnie Moorhouse's residence, Cochise
species 58.
species 59.

Leiothlypis sp.

ground dove/Inca Dove sp.

species 60.
species 61.
species 62.
species 63.
species 64.
Count  1
Steve Ganley

Tree/Violet-green Swallow

Black-tailed x Black-capped Gnatcatcher (hybrid)

Count  1
Mark Stevenson
species 65.
species 66.

Glossy/White-faced Ibis

Horned/Eared Grebe

MacGillivray's/Mourning Warbler

Ruby-throated/Black-chinned Hummingbird