What's on in May

It’s May, a month when there aren’t as many migrants as other months, but it’s still a busy time of year for most of our resident birds!

In many parts of the country, the rich musical songs of a magpie robin, the metallic notes of a black drongo, and the harsh piercing calls of a brain-fever are among the first sounds heard in the early hours of the morning. Flashy plumage and elaborate courtship rituals can be fascinating to witness! Most Indian birds are engaged in various breeding behaviors and so this is also a good time to observe and document such behavior. Let’s take a look at what’s happening this month

In this GBBC, Indian birders uploaded more than 53,000 checklists and recorded 1,072 species! Many states in North and Northeast India did extremely well and showed a big jump in terms of lists and species compared to previous years’ GBBCs’.

See here to read the full results.

Special Events

May starts with much excitement with the Endemic Bird Day on 13 May. It also dovetails with the Global Big Day – a day where bird enthusiasts across the world document as many birds as possible in a single 24-hour period. All lists that get uploaded on eBird on this day get added to the Global Big Day too!

13 May will be celebrated as Himalayan Bird Count. This is one of the first such initiatives where birders in the countries (Nepal & Bhutan) and states of the Himalayan region will come together to participate in this count! All lists that get uploaded on eBird on this day get added to the Global Big Day too! More details here.

Regular Events

A web page lists bird events (mostly walks) that are conducted on a regular schedule (typically weekly or monthly) by various birding groups across the country. Take a look to see if there is something happening near you!


The May eBird challenge is to aggregate at least 34 eligible* checklists throughout the month. There is a certain way about how the lists are to be aggregated. See here to know how.

Are you organizing a birding event soon?

If so, please drop a line to so that we can include it in our monthly “What’s On in Birding” updates.