• By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux June 18, 2015

    We would like to invite you to download our new eBird free iOS app for data entry. You can find the app at this link in iTunes: In 2012, David Bell’s companyBirdsInTheHand, LLC, released a mobile app called ‘BirdLog’, on Android and iOS devices.

  • By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux June 15, 2015

    In appreciation for all those who have participated in eBird, we are pleased to offer special discounted subscriptions to the acclaimed bird life history resource: Birds of North America Online. This comprehensive resource includes information on distribution, breeding, migration, habitats, and behavior for over 700 different species of birds that breed in Canada and the […]

  • By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux April 14, 2015

    Have you spent years yearning for the perfect clothing option to display your eBird pride? The right kind of hat to capture what birding, and eBirding, means to you?

  • By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux December 13, 2014

    Christmas Bird Count (CBC) season is upon us again! This is a great time to join others and cooperate in a massive effort across the Western Hemisphere to take a snapshot of bird occurrence around the holidays.

  • By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux November 11, 2014

    We’re pleased to announce the launch of eBird Targets–a new tool that creates a prioritized list of county, state, or life birds that you can expect to find in a region. Enter a region, range of months, and then select the list you’d like to compare.

  • By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux June 16, 2014

    On the  top left of most eBird pages is a little link that you may not have noticed – Preferences. This is where you can customize how species names appear in eBird – whether you want Common Names, Scientific Names, or both.

  • By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux June 4, 2014

    A large number of eBirders are now adding photos to their checklists, and this has made interacting with eBird much more fun. It is also a tremendous help to our tireless review team, who can use the photos to assess records rare birds reported.

  • By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux April 15, 2014

    Ahoy mateys! Have you ever wondered how to enter your checklists from pelagic trips?

  • By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux March 31, 2014

    You may have noticed over the past few days a change in the way eBird hotspots are being named. A recent update in eBird hotspot policy is the cause for this change and has affected the majority of Québec hotspots.

  • By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux March 20, 2014

    eBird’s new Location Explorer is designed to be a “dashboard” overview for a region, quickly summarizing the information birders find most useful at the regional level (e.g., country, state, or county). You can keep track of recent birding activity, such as what’s happening at your favorite locations, who’s been birding lately, and explore recent checklist submissions.