eBird Mobile Now Available In 5 Languages

By Regroupement QuébecOiseaux août 14, 2015

We are delighted to announce that the latest version of eBird Mobile is now available in Spanish, French, Chinese (Traditional), German, and English. We are in the midst of adding Portuguese and Turkish to that list of languages, which will soon let us provide the same languages throughout the Mobile app that are available here on the eBird website. In addition, whether you’re using the eBird website or the mobile app, make sure to choose the bird species names that work best for you—learn more here. To download the FREE app for iOS, either click here or on the “Download” button below. For those of you with Android phones—we are working as fast as we can on an Android version of the eBird Mobile app, and we aim to have that out within the next few months. For our full story about eBird Mobile, you can read more here.

Download on the App Store

eBird Mobile uses the settings of your device to deliver the language—if your phone is in Spanish, the app will be in Spanish, if the phone is in English, the app will be in English.

A huge thanks to our translators who made this possible: John Van Dort, Roselvy Juárez, Oliver Komar, and Fabricio Gorleri for Spanish; Denis LePage and Jean-Sébastien Guénette for French; Scott Lin for Chinese (Traditional); and Serge Wolf for German.