eBird Field Checklist
El Estrecho PNat--Cueva del moro
Cádiz, Andalucía, ES
62 species (+3 other taxa) - Sep, All years
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Pigeons and Doves
Rock Pigeon
Common Wood-Pigeon
Red-necked Nightjar
Alpine Swift
Common Swift
Pallid Swift
Little Swift
Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers
Yellow-legged Gull
Yellow-legged/Lesser Black-backed Gull
Petrels, Shearwaters, and Diving-Petrels
Cory's Shearwater
Black Stork
Frigatebirds, Boobies, and Gannets
Northern Gannet
Herons, Ibis, and Allies
Cattle Egret
Vultures, Hawks, and Allies
Egyptian Vulture
European Honey-buzzard
Rüppell's Griffon
Eurasian Griffon
Short-toed Snake-Eagle
Booted Eagle
Bonelli's Eagle
Eurasian Marsh-Harrier
Montagu's Harrier
Eurasian Sparrowhawk
Red Kite
Black Kite
Common Buzzard
Bee-eaters, Rollers, and Allies
European Bee-eater
Eurasian Wryneck
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Iberian Green Woodpecker
Falcons and Caracaras
Lesser Kestrel
Eurasian Kestrel
Lesser/Eurasian Kestrel
Jays, Magpies, Crows, and Ravens
Common Raven
Tits, Chickadees, and Titmice
Eurasian Blue Tit
Great Tit
Martins and Swallows
Bank Swallow
Eurasian Crag-Martin
Barn Swallow
Common House-Martin
swallow sp.
Leaf Warblers
Willow Warbler
Sylviid Warblers
Western Orphean Warbler
Subalpine Warbler
Sardinian Warbler
Greater Whitethroat
Spectacled Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Common Firecrest
Eurasian Wren
Starlings and Mynas
Spotless Starling
Eurasian Blackbird
Old World Flycatchers
Spotted Flycatcher
European Robin
European Pied Flycatcher
Common Redstart
Blue Rock-Thrush
European Stonechat
Northern Wheatear
Black-eared Wheatear
Finches, Euphonias, and Allies
European Goldfinch
Old World Buntings
Rock Bunting
Cirl Bunting