eBird Field Checklist
Jardin Cock-of-the-Rock Lek
, Antioquia, CO
384 species (+17 other taxa) - Year-round, All years
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Little Tinamou
Muscovy Duck
Torrent Duck
Blue-winged Teal
Chachalacas, Guans, and Curassows
Colombian Chachalaca
Andean Guan
Sickle-winged Guan
Grouse, Quail, and Allies
Chestnut Wood-Quail
Pigeons and Doves
Rock Pigeon
Pale-vented Pigeon
Band-tailed Pigeon
Plumbeous Pigeon
Ruddy Pigeon
Common Ground Dove
Ruddy Ground Dove
White-tipped Dove
Gray-headed Dove
White-throated Quail-Dove
Eared Dove
Greater Ani
Smooth-billed Ani
Groove-billed Ani
Dwarf Cuckoo
Squirrel Cuckoo
cuckoo sp. (Cuculidae sp.)
Rufous-bellied Nighthawk
Band-winged Nightjar
Common Pauraque
Potoos and Oilbird
Chestnut-collared Swift
White-collared Swift
Gray-rumped Swift
Band-rumped Swift
Chimney Swift
Chaetura sp.
White-tipped Swift
Lesser Swallow-tailed Swift
small swift sp.
swift sp.
White-necked Jacobin
Band-tailed Barbthroat
Green Hermit
Tawny-bellied Hermit
Stripe-throated Hermit
hermit sp.
Green-fronted Lancebill
Sparkling Violetear
Lesser Violetear
Purple-crowned Fairy
Black-throated Mango
Tourmaline Sunangel
Speckled Hummingbird
Long-tailed Sylph
Tyrian Metaltail
Greenish Puffleg
Bronzy Inca
Collared Inca
Mountain Velvetbreast
Sword-billed Hummingbird
Buff-tailed Coronet
White-booted Racket-tail
Fawn-breasted Brilliant
Long-billed Starthroat
White-bellied Woodstar
Gorgeted Woodstar
Purple-throated Woodstar
Western Emerald
Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer
White-vented Plumeleteer
Crowned Woodnymph
Steely-vented Hummingbird
Rufous-tailed Hummingbird
Andean Emerald
hummingbird sp.
Rails, Gallinules, and Allies
Blackish Rail
Gray-cowled Wood-Rail
Southern Lapwing
Andean Lapwing
Wattled Jacana
Spotted Sandpiper
Cormorants and Anhingas
Neotropic Cormorant
Herons, Ibis, and Allies
Great Egret
Little Blue Heron
Cattle Egret
Bare-faced Ibis
Vultures, Hawks, and Allies
Black Vulture
Turkey Vulture
White-tailed Kite
Hook-billed Kite
Swallow-tailed Kite
Black Hawk-Eagle
Plumbeous Kite
Sharp-shinned Hawk
Great Black Hawk
Roadside Hawk
White-rumped Hawk
White-tailed Hawk
Broad-winged Hawk
Short-tailed Hawk
hawk sp.
White-throated Screech-Owl
Tropical Screech-Owl
Rufescent Screech-Owl
Mottled Owl
Rufous-banded Owl
Whooping Motmot
Andean Motmot
Broad-billed Motmot
Ringed Kingfisher
Puffbirds and Jacamars
Moustached Puffbird
Barbets and Toucans
Red-headed Barbet
Southern Emerald-Toucanet
Black-billed Mountain-Toucan
Collared Aracari
Olivaceous Piculet
Grayish Piculet
Acorn Woodpecker
Beautiful Woodpecker
Red-crowned Woodpecker
Red-rumped Woodpecker
Yellow-vented Woodpecker
Powerful Woodpecker
Crimson-crested Woodpecker
Lineated Woodpecker
Golden-olive Woodpecker
Crimson-mantled Woodpecker
Spot-breasted Woodpecker
Falcons and Caracaras
Laughing Falcon
Collared Forest-Falcon
Crested Caracara
Yellow-headed Caracara
American Kestrel
Bat Falcon
Parrots, Parakeets, and Allies
Orange-chinned Parakeet
Speckle-faced Parrot
Blue-headed Parrot
Bronze-winged Parrot
Spectacled Parrotlet
Yellow-eared Parrot
Scarlet-fronted Parakeet
large parakeet sp. (former Aratinga sp.)
Bar-crested Antshrike
Plain Antvireo
White-fringed Antwren
Parker's Antbird
Gnateaters and Antpittas
Chestnut-crowned Antpitta
Chestnut-naped Antpitta
Yellow-breasted Antpitta
Chami Antpitta
Slate-crowned Antpitta
Ocellated Tapaculo
Blackish Tapaculo
Spillmann's Tapaculo
Tyrannine Woodcreeper
Wedge-billed Woodcreeper
Cocoa Woodcreeper
Montane Woodcreeper
Streaked Xenops
Pacific Tuftedcheek
Streaked Tuftedcheek
Montane Foliage-gleaner
Pearled Treerunner
White-browed Spinetail
Red-faced Spinetail
Pale-breasted Spinetail
Azara's Spinetail
Rufous Spinetail
Yellow-headed Manakin
Golden-winged Manakin
Green-and-black Fruiteater
Barred Fruiteater
Red-crested Cotinga
Chestnut-crested Cotinga
Andean Cock-of-the-rock
Becards, Tityras, and Allies
Barred Becard
Cinereous Becard
Cinnamon Becard
White-winged Becard
Sharpbill, Royal Flycatcher, and Allies
Black-tailed Flycatcher
Tyrant Flycatchers: Elaenias, Tyrannulets, and Allies
Streak-necked Flycatcher
Ochre-bellied Flycatcher
Slaty-capped Flycatcher
Rufous-breasted Flycatcher
Marble-faced Bristle-Tyrant
Variegated Bristle-Tyrant
Rufous-headed Pygmy-Tyrant
Scale-crested Pygmy-Tyrant
Black-throated Tody-Tyrant
Rufous-crowned Tody-Flycatcher
Slate-headed Tody-Flycatcher
Common Tody-Flycatcher
Yellow-olive Flycatcher
Yellow-winged Flycatcher
Cinnamon Flycatcher
Ornate Flycatcher
Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet
White-tailed Tyrannulet
White-throated Tyrannulet
Northern Mouse-colored Tyrannulet
Yellow Tyrannulet
Yellow-crowned Tyrannulet
Greenish Elaenia
Yellow-bellied Elaenia
Lesser Elaenia
Mountain Elaenia
Torrent Tyrannulet
Sooty-headed Tyrannulet
Black-capped Tyrannulet
Plumbeous-crowned Tyrannulet
Golden-faced Tyrannulet
Tyrant Flycatchers: Pewees, Kingbirds, and Allies
Bran-colored Flycatcher
Olive-sided Flycatcher
Smoke-colored Pewee
Northern Tropical Pewee
Eastern Wood-Pewee
Acadian Flycatcher
Willow Flycatcher
Black Phoebe
Vermilion Flycatcher
Streak-throated Bush-Tyrant
Pied Water-Tyrant
Yellow-bellied Chat-Tyrant
Chestnut-bellied Chat-Tyrant
Bright-rumped Attila
Apical Flycatcher
Pale-edged Flycatcher
Great Crested Flycatcher
Cattle Tyrant
Great Kiskadee
Rusty-margined Flycatcher
Golden-bellied Flycatcher
Streaked Flycatcher
Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher
Piratic Flycatcher
Tropical Kingbird
Fork-tailed Flycatcher
Black-billed Peppershrike
Scrub Greenlet
Rufous-naped Greenlet
Yellow-throated Vireo
Brown-capped Vireo
Red-eyed Vireo
Red-eyed/Chivi Vireo
Jays, Magpies, Crows, and Ravens
Black-collared Jay
Black-chested Jay
Green Jay
Martins and Swallows
Blue-and-white Swallow
Brown-bellied Swallow
Southern Rough-winged Swallow
Gray-breasted Martin
Barn Swallow
Tropical Gnatcatcher
House Wren
Bicolored Wren
Black-bellied Wren
Whiskered Wren
Bay Wren
Gray-breasted Wood-Wren
Munchique Wood-Wren
White-capped Dipper
Catbirds, Mockingbirds, and Thrashers
Tropical Mockingbird
Andean Solitaire
Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush
Gray-cheeked Thrush
Swainson's Thrush
Pale-breasted Thrush
Pale-vented Thrush
Clay-colored Thrush
Black-billed Thrush
Great Thrush
Glossy-black Thrush
Turdus sp.
Finches, Euphonias, and Allies
Golden-rumped Euphonia
Blue-naped Chlorophonia
Yellow-collared Chlorophonia
Orange-crowned Euphonia
Thick-billed Euphonia
Orange-bellied Euphonia
euphonia sp.
Lesser Goldfinch
Andean Siskin
Yellow-bellied Siskin
New World Sparrows
Tanager Finch
Common Chlorospingus
Grassland Sparrow
Black-striped Sparrow
Gray-browed Brushfinch
stripe-headed brushfinch sp.
Chestnut-capped Brushfinch
Rufous-collared Sparrow
White-naped Brushfinch
Slaty Brushfinch
Yellow-breasted Brushfinch
Yellow-billed Cacique
Russet-backed Oropendola
Crested Oropendola
Chestnut-headed Oropendola
Scarlet-rumped Cacique
Yellow-rumped Cacique
Mountain Cacique
Yellow-backed Oriole
Yellow Oriole
Baltimore Oriole
new world oriole sp.
Shiny Cowbird
Giant Cowbird
Great-tailed Grackle
Carib Grackle
Red-bellied Grackle
Yellow-hooded Blackbird
Louisiana Waterthrush
Northern Waterthrush
Black-and-white Warbler
Tennessee Warbler
Mourning Warbler
American Redstart
Cerulean Warbler
Tropical Parula
Bay-breasted Warbler
Blackburnian Warbler
Yellow Warbler
Chestnut-capped Warbler
Golden-crowned Warbler
Three-striped Warbler
Basileuterus sp.
Citrine Warbler
Buff-rumped Warbler
Russet-crowned Warbler
Canada Warbler
Slate-throated Redstart
Golden-fronted Redstart
new world warbler sp.
Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and Allies
Hepatic Tanager
Summer Tanager
Scarlet Tanager
Red-hooded Tanager
Crested Ant-Tanager
Rose-breasted Grosbeak
Tanagers and Allies
White-capped Tanager
Rufous-crested Tanager
Black-capped Hemispingus
Oleaginous Hemispingus
Superciliaried Hemispingus
Gray-headed Tanager
White-shouldered Tanager
White-lined Tanager
Flame-rumped Tanager
Crimson-backed Tanager
Hooded Mountain Tanager
Blue-capped Tanager
Grass-green Tanager
Lacrimose Mountain Tanager
Blue-winged Mountain Tanager
Buff-breasted Mountain Tanager
Purplish-mantled Tanager
Golden-crowned Tanager
Fawn-breasted Tanager
Glistening-green Tanager
Blue-gray Tanager
Palm Tanager
Speckled Tanager
Black-capped Tanager
Scrub Tanager
Golden-hooded Tanager
Blue-necked Tanager
Blue-and-black Tanager
Beryl-spangled Tanager
Metallic-green Tanager
Plain-colored Tanager
Bay-headed Tanager
Saffron-crowned Tanager
Flame-faced Tanager
Golden Tanager
Silver-throated Tanager
Swallow Tanager
Blue Dacnis
Green Honeycreeper
Guira Tanager
Blue-backed Conebill
Capped Conebill
Black Flowerpiercer
White-sided Flowerpiercer
Rusty Flowerpiercer
Masked Flowerpiercer
Gray-hooded Bush Tanager
Saffron Finch
Blue-black Grassquit
Ruddy-breasted Seedeater
Thick-billed Seed-Finch
Gray Seedeater
Black-and-white Seedeater
Yellow-bellied Seedeater
Slate-colored Seedeater
Sporophila sp.
Yellow-faced Grassquit
Buff-throated Saltator
Black-winged Saltator
Streaked Saltator
passerine sp.