eBird Field Checklist
Alto del Carmen County, Atacama, CL
79 species (+3 other taxa) - Year-round, All years
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Andean Goose
Crested Duck
Torrent Duck
Yellow-billed Pintail
Yellow-billed Teal
Pigeons and Doves
Rock Pigeon
Picui Ground Dove
Black-winged Ground Dove
West Peruvian Dove
Eared Dove
Band-winged Nightjar
Green-backed Firecrown
White-sided Hillstar
Giant Hummingbird
Oasis Hummingbird
Rails, Gallinules, and Allies
Plumbeous Rail
Southern Lapwing
Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe
Gray-breasted Seedsnipe
Herons, Ibis, and Allies
Great Egret
Snowy Egret
Cattle Egret
Vultures, Hawks, and Allies
Andean Condor
Turkey Vulture
Harris's Hawk
Variable Hawk
Barn Owl
Great Horned Owl
Austral Pygmy-Owl
Falcons and Caracaras
Mountain Caracara
Chimango Caracara
American Kestrel
Aplomado Falcon
Peregrine Falcon
Moustached Turca
White-throated Tapaculo
Dusky Tapaculo
Leaftossers and Miners
Rufous-banded Miner
Creamy-rumped Miner
Straight-billed Earthcreeper
Crag Chilia
Scale-throated Earthcreeper
Buff-winged Cinclodes
Gray-flanked Cinclodes
Cinclodes sp.
Plain-mantled Tit-Spinetail
Cordilleran Canastero
Tyrant Flycatchers: Elaenias, Tyrannulets, and Allies
Tufted Tit-Tyrant
elaenia sp. (genus Myiopagis)
White-crested Elaenia
Tyrant Flycatchers: Pewees, Kingbirds, and Allies
Spot-billed Ground-Tyrant
Cinereous Ground-Tyrant
Ochre-naped Ground-Tyrant
Rufous-naped Ground-Tyrant
White-browed Ground-Tyrant
Black-fronted Ground-Tyrant
ground-tyrant sp.
Black-billed Shrike-Tyrant
Great Shrike-Tyrant
Patagonian Tyrant
Martins and Swallows
Blue-and-white Swallow
Chilean Swallow
House Wren
Catbirds, Mockingbirds, and Thrashers
Chilean Mockingbird
White-banded Mockingbird
Austral Thrush
Old World Sparrows
House Sparrow
Finches, Euphonias, and Allies
Yellow-rumped Siskin
Black-chinned Siskin
New World Sparrows
Rufous-collared Sparrow
Long-tailed Meadowlark
Shiny Cowbird
Austral Blackbird
Yellow-winged Blackbird
Tanagers and Allies
Black-hooded Sierra-Finch
Gray-hooded Sierra-Finch
Common Diuca-Finch
Plumbeous Sierra-Finch
Mourning Sierra-Finch
Band-tailed Sierra-Finch
Greater Yellow-Finch
Grassland Yellow-Finch