eBird Field Checklist
391 species (+97 other taxa) - Year-round, All years
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This checklist is generated with data from eBird (ebird.org), a global database of bird sightings from birders like you. If you enjoy this checklist, please consider contributing your sightings to eBird. It is 100% free to take part, and your observations will help support birders, researchers, and conservationists worldwide.

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Graylag Goose
Greater White-fronted Goose
Lesser White-fronted Goose
Greater/Lesser White-fronted Goose
Tundra Bean-Goose
Taiga/Tundra Bean-Goose
Anser sp.
Red-breasted Goose
Mute Swan
Tundra Swan
Whooper Swan
swan sp.
goose sp.
Ruddy Shelduck
Common Shelduck
Northern Shoveler
Eurasian Wigeon
Northern Pintail
Green-winged Teal
Garganey/Green-winged Teal
Anas sp.
dabbling duck sp.
Marbled Duck
Red-crested Pochard
Common Pochard
Ferruginous Duck
Tufted Duck
Greater Scaup
Aythya sp.
Velvet Scoter
Common Scoter
Long-tailed Duck
Common Goldeneye
Common Merganser
Red-breasted Merganser
Common/Red-breasted Merganser
merganser sp.
White-headed Duck
duck sp.
Grouse, Quail, and Allies
Caucasian Grouse
Gray Partridge
Ring-necked Pheasant
Black Francolin
Caucasian Snowcock
Caspian Snowcock
See-see Partridge
Common Quail
Greater Flamingo
Little Grebe
Horned Grebe
Red-necked Grebe
Great Crested Grebe
Eared Grebe
Horned/Eared Grebe
grebe sp.
Pigeons and Doves
Rock Pigeon
Stock Dove
Common Wood-Pigeon
Columba sp.
European Turtle-Dove
Oriental Turtle-Dove
Eurasian Collared-Dove
Laughing Dove
pigeon/dove sp.
Black-bellied Sandgrouse
Macqueen's Bustard
Little Bustard
Great Spotted Cuckoo
Common Cuckoo
Eurasian Nightjar
Alpine Swift
Common Swift
Common/Pallid Swift
Apus/Tachymarptis sp.
swift sp.
Rails, Gallinules, and Allies
Water Rail
Corn Crake
Spotted Crake
Eurasian Moorhen
Eurasian Coot
Gray-headed Swamphen
Little Crake
Baillon's Crake
Demoiselle Crane
Siberian Crane
Common Crane
Eurasian Thick-knee
Burhinus sp.
Black-winged Stilt
Pied Avocet
Eurasian Oystercatcher
Black-bellied Plover
European Golden-Plover
Pacific Golden-Plover
Eurasian Dotterel
Common Ringed Plover
Little Ringed Plover
Northern Lapwing
Sociable Lapwing
White-tailed Lapwing
Caspian Plover
Siberian/Tibetan Sand-Plover
Greater Sand-Plover
Kentish Plover
plover sp.
Eurasian Curlew
Bar-tailed Godwit
Black-tailed Godwit
Jack Snipe
Eurasian Woodcock
Common Snipe
Red Phalarope
Red-necked Phalarope
Red/Red-necked Phalarope
Terek Sandpiper
Common Sandpiper
Green Sandpiper
Marsh Sandpiper
Wood Sandpiper
Common Redshank
Spotted Redshank
Common Greenshank
Tringa sp.
Ruddy Turnstone
Red Knot
Broad-billed Sandpiper
Curlew Sandpiper
Temminck's Stint
Little Stint
peep sp.
Calidris sp.
Black-winged Pratincole
Collared Pratincole
Black-winged/Collared Pratincole
pratincole sp.
shorebird sp.
Skuas and Jaegers
Parasitic Jaeger
Pomarine Jaeger
jaeger sp.
skua sp.
jaeger/skua sp.
Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers
Little Gull
Black-legged Kittiwake
Slender-billed Gull
Black-headed Gull
Slender-billed/Black-headed Gull
Pallas's Gull
Mediterranean Gull
Common Gull
Caspian Gull
Herring Gull
Yellow-legged Gull
Armenian Gull
Glaucous Gull
Lesser Black-backed Gull
Larus sp.
gull sp.
Little Tern
Gull-billed Tern
Gull-billed/Australian Tern
Caspian Tern
Whiskered Tern
Black Tern
White-winged Tern
Chlidonias sp.
Common Tern
Sterna sp.
Sandwich Tern
tern sp.
Red-throated Loon
Arctic Loon
loon sp.
Black Stork
White Stork
Cormorants and Anhingas
Pygmy Cormorant
Great Cormorant
Great White Pelican
Dalmatian Pelican
pelican sp.
Herons, Ibis, and Allies
Great Bittern
Little Bittern
Black-crowned Night Heron
Little Egret
Squacco Heron
Western Cattle Egret
Great Egret
Gray Heron
Purple Heron
Gray/Purple Heron
heron sp.
white egret sp.
Glossy Ibis
Eurasian Spoonbill
Vultures, Hawks, and Allies
Black-winged Kite
Bearded Vulture
Egyptian Vulture
European Honey-buzzard
Oriental Honey-buzzard
Cinereous Vulture
Eurasian Griffon
old world vulture sp.
Short-toed Snake-Eagle
Lesser Spotted Eagle
Greater Spotted Eagle
Lesser/Greater Spotted Eagle
Booted Eagle
Steppe Eagle
Imperial Eagle
Golden Eagle
Aquila sp.
Clanga/Aquila sp.
Western Marsh Harrier
Hen Harrier
Pallid Harrier
Montagu's Harrier
Hen/Montagu's Harrier
Pallid/Montagu's Harrier
harrier sp.
Levant Sparrowhawk
Eurasian Sparrowhawk
Eurasian Goshawk
Accipiter sp.
Red Kite
Black Kite
White-tailed Eagle
Rough-legged Hawk
Common Buzzard
Long-legged Buzzard
Common/Long-legged Buzzard
Buteo sp.
hawk sp.
eagle sp.
Barn Owl
Eurasian Scops-Owl
Eurasian Eagle-Owl
Little Owl
Tawny Owl
Long-eared Owl
Short-eared Owl
Long-eared/Short-eared Owl
Asio sp.
Eurasian Hoopoe
Common Kingfisher
Bee-eaters, Rollers, and Allies
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater
European Bee-eater
bee-eater sp.
European Roller
Eurasian Wryneck
Middle Spotted Woodpecker
White-backed Woodpecker
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Syrian Woodpecker
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Eurasian Green Woodpecker
Black Woodpecker
Falcons and Caracaras
Lesser Kestrel
Eurasian Kestrel
Lesser/Eurasian Kestrel
Eurasian/Rock Kestrel
Red-footed Falcon
Eurasian Hobby
Lanner Falcon
Saker Falcon
Peregrine Falcon
large falcon sp.
small falcon sp.
falcon sp.
diurnal raptor sp.
Parrots, Parakeets, and Allies
Rose-ringed Parakeet
Old World Orioles
Eurasian Golden Oriole
Red-backed Shrike
Red-tailed Shrike
Isabelline Shrike
Great Gray Shrike
Lesser Gray Shrike
Masked Shrike
Woodchat Shrike
Jays, Magpies, Crows, and Ravens
Eurasian Jay
Eurasian Magpie
Eurasian Nutcracker
Red-billed Chough
Yellow-billed Chough
Eurasian Jackdaw
Hooded Crow
Carrion/Hooded Crow
Common Raven
Tits, Chickadees, and Titmice
Coal Tit
Caspian Tit
Eurasian Blue Tit
Great Tit
Penduline-Tits and Verdin
Eurasian Penduline-Tit
Horned Lark
Greater Short-toed Lark
Bimaculated Lark
Calandra Lark
Black Lark
Mediterranean Short-toed Lark
Turkestan Short-toed Lark
Asian/Turkestan Short-toed Lark
Mediterranean/Turkestan Short-toed Lark
Greater Short-toed Lark/Alaudala sp.
Wood Lark
White-winged Lark
Eurasian Skylark
Oriental Skylark
Crested Lark
lark sp.
Bearded Reedling
Bearded Reedling
Reed Warblers and Allies
Booted Warbler
Eastern Olivaceous Warbler
Upcher's Warbler
Icterine Warbler
Moustached Warbler
Sedge Warbler
Paddyfield Warbler
Blyth's Reed Warbler
Marsh Warbler
Common Reed Warbler
Great Reed Warbler
Acrocephalus sp.
Grassbirds and Allies
River Warbler
Savi's Warbler
Common Grasshopper Warbler
Martins and Swallows
Bank Swallow
Eurasian Crag-Martin
Barn Swallow
Western House-Martin
Red-rumped Swallow
swallow sp.
Leaf Warblers
Wood Warbler
Yellow-browed Warbler
Hume's Warbler
Pallas's Leaf Warbler
Radde's Warbler
Dusky Warbler
Willow Warbler
Mountain Chiffchaff
Common Chiffchaff
Mountain/Common Chiffchaff
Green Warbler
Greenish Warbler
Arctic Warbler
Phylloscopus sp.
Bush Warblers and Allies
Cetti's Warbler
Long-tailed Tits and Bushtit
Long-tailed Tit
Sylviid Warblers
Eurasian Blackcap
Garden Warbler
Barred Warbler
Lesser Whitethroat
Eastern Orphean Warbler
Menetries's Warbler
Greater Whitethroat
Sylvia/Curruca sp.
Western Rock Nuthatch
Eastern Rock Nuthatch
Western/Eastern Rock Nuthatch
Eurasian Nuthatch
Eurasian Treecreeper
Eurasian Wren
White-throated Dipper
Starlings and Mynas
European Starling
Rosy Starling
Mistle Thrush
Song Thrush
Eurasian Blackbird
Ring Ouzel
Black-throated Thrush
Turdus sp.
thrush sp.
Old World Flycatchers
Spotted Flycatcher
Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin
European Robin
White-throated Robin
Thrush Nightingale
Common Nightingale
Taiga Flycatcher
Red-breasted Flycatcher
Semicollared Flycatcher
European Pied Flycatcher
Common Redstart
White-winged Redstart
Black Redstart
Common/Black Redstart
Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush
Blue Rock-Thrush
European Stonechat
Siberian Stonechat
European/Siberian Stonechat
Saxicola sp.
Northern Wheatear
Isabelline Wheatear
Desert Wheatear
Eastern Black-eared Wheatear
Pied Wheatear
Finsch's Wheatear
Persian Wheatear
wheatear sp.
Bohemian Waxwing
Alpine Accentor
Radde's Accentor
Old World Sparrows
House Sparrow
Spanish Sparrow
House x Spanish Sparrow (hybrid)
House/Spanish Sparrow
Eurasian Tree Sparrow
Passer sp.
Rock Sparrow
Pale Rockfinch
White-winged Snowfinch
Wagtails and Pipits
Gray Wagtail
Western Yellow Wagtail
Eastern Yellow Wagtail
Citrine Wagtail
White Wagtail
wagtail sp.
Richard's Pipit
Tawny Pipit
Meadow Pipit
Tree Pipit
Olive-backed Pipit
Tree/Olive-backed Pipit
Red-throated Pipit
Water Pipit
Water/Rock Pipit
American Pipit
pipit sp.
Finches, Euphonias, and Allies
Common Chaffinch
Common Chaffinch/Brambling
Common Rosefinch
Great Rosefinch
Long-tailed Rosefinch
Eurasian Bullfinch
Crimson-winged Finch
Trumpeter Finch
Mongolian Finch
Desert Finch
European Greenfinch
Eurasian Linnet
Common/Lesser Redpoll
Red Crossbill
European Goldfinch
European Serin
Fire-fronted Serin
Eurasian Siskin
finch sp.
Longspurs and Snow Buntings
Lapland Longspur
Snow Bunting
Old World Buntings
Black-headed Bunting
Red-headed Bunting
Black-headed/Red-headed Bunting
Corn Bunting
Rock Bunting
Pine Bunting
Yellowhammer x Pine Bunting (hybrid)
Yellowhammer/Pine Bunting
Gray-necked Bunting
Ortolan Bunting
Reed Bunting
Yellow-breasted Bunting
Little Bunting
Rustic Bunting
Emberiza sp.
passerine sp.