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Montalegre, Vila Real, Portugal
Passeriformes > Troglodytidae

Tepui Wren

Troglodytes rufulus

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Small, rufous-brown bird of tepui undergrowth. Readily identified by small size, rufous-brown plumage, buffy eyebrow, and (at close range) black barring on wings and tail. Occurs in mossy forest understory and stunted forest at middle and high elevations of the tepui region. Usually remains in dense cover and can be difficult to see, but it will sing from exposed perches. Found in pairs, which forage for insects on and near the ground and typically do not join mixed-species flocks. Song is a high, metallic pair of notes slurred together, the second note lower-pitched, repeated at length and sometimes extended into a tinkling, jumbled series. Calls are harsh scolds reminiscent of other wrens. Distinguished from Flutist Wren (only other wren in range) by strongly rufous coloration and buffy eyebrow.



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