The Great Backyard Bird Count

By eBird Northwest Team February 6, 2018

Each month during Year of the Bird there will be a simple action you can do to make a difference for birds. February’s action is The Great Backyard Bird Count. During February 16-19 count birds anywhere (it doesn’t actually have to be your backyard), at any time, as many times as you like to help scientists create a snapshot of where birds are. You then will enter your checklists into eBird or the Great Backyard Bird Count website. If you already use eBird it is easier, and you are encouraged to enter your sightings there. Check out this website for how to get started. This count can be done by expert birders or those who have just hung up their first bird feeder, either way. Join the #YearoftheBird by participating in this 3-decade long count which has tallied close to 60% of the world’s bird species.