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Citizen Science in southern Oregon

By eBird Northwest Team March 20, 2017
Sampson Creek 5_Ellie Armstrong

Sampson Creek Preserve

Klamath Bird Observatory, in partnership with The Selberg Institute, is launching a new citizen science project in southern Oregon. We are looking for volunteers who enjoy birding and being outdoors. All are welcome, those up for a leisurely stroll through oak meadows or those looking for an adventurous off-trail hike, either way this project offers something for every birder. The project will take place on a large parcel of private property just outside of Ashland, OR along Sampson Creek. This property is in the foothills of the Cascades mountains and holds a variety of oak habitats as well as coniferous forests and riparian woodlands. This is a terrific spot for birding and will give the public a unique opportunity to visit and bird in diverse habitats managed for conservation.

Citizen Scientists will participate in a training event on April 15th to learn how to collect data, and the opportunity for monthly surveys will continue throughout the year. If you enjoy looking for owls, you are in luck as well. This project will also include guided night surveys to inventory the local owl population. Participation will include some walking and/or hiking, recording all birds observed by sight and/or sound, and entering and submitting your findings into eBird Northwest. Klamath Bird Observatory has completed baseline breeding surveys on this property in the past, but with this project, we aim to add to the existing knowledge by harnessing the power of Citizen Scientists to collect robust data throughout the breeding, migratory, and winter seasons.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, visit eBird Northwest’s Citizen Science page, contact Ellie Armstrong at, or come to the Rogue Valley Audubon Chapter meeting on March 28th to hear a short presentation on the project.