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By Team eBird June 1, 2018
This month’s eBirder of the month challenge, sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, gives you a chance to improve our knowledge of breeding birds across the world. The eBirder of the month will be drawn from eBirders who submit at least 15 eligible checklists containing at least one breeding behavior code during June.
By eBird Northwest Team May 22, 2018
This Post was originally published on the Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture site and was submitted by Greenbelt Land Trust. Working lands support the Oregon Vesper Sparrow.
By eBird Northwest Team May 18, 2018
In celebration of the return of North America’s Neotropical migrants, today’s #featherfriday features the male Western Tanager. This glorious photograph was taken by my friend Jim Livaudais.
By eBird Northwest Team May 10, 2018
As the height of the nesting season rapidly approaches, volunteers are still needed for the annual North American Breeding Bird Survey (BBS). There are unassigned routes throughout the Pacific Northwest that need to be taken on by volunteer citizen scientists.
By Team eBird May 10, 2018
Global Big Day 2018 set a new world record for birding, reporting 2/3rds of the world's birds in one day: more species on 5 May than any person has ever seen in an entire year. Colombia alone noted 15% of the world's avian diversity in 24 hours.
By Team eBird April 28, 2018
This May’s eBirder of the Month challenge, sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, is all about birding on Global Big Day! Only one week left until 5 May, Global Big Day: submit 3 or more eligible checklists for your chance at free binoculars.
By Team eBird April 25, 2018
eBird and the Macaulay Library have a fun new tool: the eBird photo + sound quiz. Quiz yourself on 20 images or sounds from birds anywhere in the world, all based on media uploaded by eBirders everywhere.
By eBird Northwest Team April 23, 2018
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is preparing a periodic status review for the Upland Sandpiper, and they need your help!  This rare shorebird species has traditionally nested in grasslands (including agricultural areas) in Spokane County, Washington, but there have been few observations in the last decade.  To include the most current information in the periodic status review, WDFW is looking to data from eBird to help determine if and where birders see this species in 2018.  WDFW is also interested in historical records not previously submitted to eBird or WDFW. If you have new or historical records for Upland Sandpipers, please submit them to eBird Northwest.
By eBird Northwest Team April 17, 2018
How many birds can be seen in one day? That’s the question that drives a ‘big day,’ a 24-hour birding binge that is a fond tradition among birders. The current record for a single Big Day team is 431 species, set in Ecuador.
By eBird Northwest Team April 10, 2018
The Cornell Lab’s BirdCast project has two incredible new features: a 3-day migration forecast for the entire continental US and a live migration map for the same region. Check out how these new features allow you to discover migration like never before!