Want your bird Community science project on eBird Northwest?

1. Use this checklist to answer a few questions:

  • Is your project surveying or monitoring wild native birds in their native habitats?
  • Which species and/or habitats are you working on?
  • Are your project species on a bird conservation priority list (e.g. Bird Joint Ventures, Partners in Flight, American Bird Conservancy, Pacific Flyway, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Species of Greatest Conservation Need, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Species of Greatest Conservation Need, Audubon, other priority list)?
  • How will you recruit, train, and reward your Community science volunteers?
  • How will you collect your data – eBird either app or web entry, paper forms, other app or online entry?
  • Where will your data be stored? Are you willing to share that data with biologists to inform bird conservation needs? If you don’t use eBird to collect your observations, will you consider entering that information into eBird, eBird Northwest, or Avian Knowledge Northwest?
  • What conservation questions are you hoping to answer or contribute information to?

2. Contact Klamath Bird Observatory eBird@KlamathBird.org to discuss your project.

3. Provide a short write-up for the announcement, including any web links to your organization or team’s project-related page(s) and contact information for interested participants.

4. Your project posting request will be reviewed by the posting committee. We may want to talk to you for more information so be sure to include your preferred contact info. If the committee approves posting, we’ll send you a link to share to promote your project on eBird Northwest. We’ll check back with you periodically to see how things are going!