Second Annual Pennsylvania Nature Conservancy Bird Count Challenge on May 10

By dgross May 8, 2018
LongPond_TunkCreek_Case (17)

Long Pond and Tunkhannock Creek, Monroe County, by Jenny Case, TNC

Please join the Nature Conservancy for the second annual Nature Conservancy (TNC) Bird Count Challenge on May 10!  The goal of the challenge is to count as many species of birds as possible in one day on lands and waters The Nature Conservancy has protected or helped to protect. The challenge is a TNC-wide event, and we will be competing against other chapters for the coveted “Golden Binoculars.”

We will be tabulating participants’ sightings from locations all across Pennsylvania, and birders of all abilities are encouraged to join us.


(1) Let us know that you’ll go birding on May 10, alone or in a group;

(2) Let us know which participating location you’ll go to (see map, below);

(3) After you go birding, send us your list (see instructions, below).  It’s that easy!

Kiosk at Goeringer, TNC

Note: This is an official but voluntary event; if you do participate, you may charge your time to Pennsylvania  Conservation Programs – P103700.


                     Only count birds on qualified sites highlighted on the map above.

•                     Birds must be counted within the 24 hours of May 10, 2018 (midnight to midnight).

Canada Warbler, a bird of mountain forests, by Jake Dingel, PGC

•                     Please don’t use audio playback or recordings to attract birds.

•                     Please send all final bird lists to Jenny Case, our designated compiler, at

                     Participants are encouraged to enter their data in eBird ( Please share any eBird checklists with eBird user “TNCchallenge2017”.

•                     And for the photographers out there, there will be awards for the best photos taken during the count day in the categories of birds, people birding, and miscellaneous.

Osprey Pair on Nest by Jake Dingel, PGC

(Please note: This outing is done at your own risk – some sites may have steep trails.  Note also that some qualified sites are not owned by The Nature Conservancy and may require a fee to enter.)

Or see:

Thank you, and if you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.

Jennifer Case, The Nature Conservancy

Long Pond, PA  18334

570-643-7922 ext. #310

570-574-0395 – cell