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Checklist S26369177

The Celery Farm, Bergen County, New Jersey, US ( Map ) ( Hotspot )
Date and Effort
Fri Dec 22, 2006 12:30 PM
Party Size:
Andrew Marden
Start time approximated. Walked the loop once
1 species total

Personal record from the first day of winter, 2006. I had been visiting the Celery Farm a lot at that time as my primary birding spot, and this trip in particular stands out. My mom and I began approaching No Name Culvert moving away from the Scout Platform when I spotted a gray bird perched atop a small tree out in No Name Culvert about 75 feet away (guess of distance). When I had the bird in my binoculars, I clearly observed a fairly plump bird with a longish thick hooked bill, black mask, somewhat long black tail, black wings, gray body, and very slight barring on the chest which was somewhat hard to see at first, but eventually I could make it out. It immediately registered to me as a Northern Shrike, and luckily it stayed atop the small tree long enough for me to pull out my field guide to confirm my ID. The bird matched the Northern Shrike depicted in the guide, and I was also able to show my non-birder mom who after looking at the bird through binoculars and looking at the field guide, agreed that this bird was definitely a Northern Shrike. I was sure it wasn't a mockingbird because mockingbirds have much smaller thinner bills, no barring, and no prominent black mask. After getting decent views, the bird eventually flew away further into the culvert where I couldn't relocate it. Unfortunately, I was young at the time and didn't know the significance of a shrike at the Celery Farm!


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