• Bald Eagle ML285750511
    By Team eBird April 16, 2021

    Public participation in scientific research through citizen-science projects has skyrocketed in the past 10 years. Citizen scientists have been donating billions of dollars’ worth of their time collecting information on everything from birds, bees, butterflies, and more resulting in a treasure trove of data helping scientists better understand plant, animal, and insect populations.

  • Rose-breasted Grosbeak ML140452721
    By Team eBird November 3, 2020

    A new study using sightings reported to eBird found that many migratory birds time movement to match “green-up” or emergence of leaves, as they travel north and south. Frank La Sorte, a research associate at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Catherine Graham, a researcher at the Swiss Federal Research Institute in Switzerland, found that […]

  • Sri Lanka Blue-Magpie ML41961461
    By Team eBird October 12, 2020

    Protected areas are a key strategy for preserving biodiversity yet evaluating if protected areas actually preserve biodiversity is challenging often due to lack of data. In a recent study published in Nature Communication, a team of international researchers led by Victor Cazalis at the University of Montpellier set out to investigate whether protected areas were […]

  • Common Tern ML102428281
    By Kathi Borgmann July 21, 2020

    Urban parks and other green spaces are a welcome refuge from our busy lives, especially now. And research suggests that being outside in nature no matter how wild provides important benefits to our mental and physical well-being.  Green spaces also provide important places for birds to take refuge, but not all green spaces are the […]

  • Olive-backed Sunbird (Yellow-faced) ML117776661
    By Team eBird June 29, 2020

    Your eBird checklists inform important bird research, allowing scientists to better understand and conserve birds around the world. This article, written by the Birds Queensland Sunbird Team, describes how eBird data was used to create Queensland, Australia’s first comprehensive, annual account of birds – a valuable tool for identifying changes in bird populations over time.

  • By Team eBird December 3, 2018

    This month we are excited to announce a huge advance in the understanding of birds, only made possible using eBird data. The result of all this hard work is eBird Status and Trends—detailed population information for 107 species of North American birds, providing an unprecedented depth of information in four key areas...

  • By Team eBird November 2, 2017

    Every year from sunset on September 11th to sunrise on September 12th, the lights of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum’s Tribute in Light are turned on in remembrance of the lives lost during the terrorist attacks of September 11th 2001. Beams from eighty-eight 7500-watt bulbs cast light skyward in two towering pillars as high as the eye can see, noticeable for a 100-mile radius around New York City.