Announcing the Seattle Young Birders Program

By Sarah Toner October 8, 2015

The Seattle Audubon Young Birders on a field trip.

Young Birder Clubs (YBCs) are a relatively new phenomenon, but they have exploded in popularity. These clubs provide a place where young birders can connect with their peers, learn about opportunities in the future, and increase their birding skills, in addition to having a ton of fun!  There are now YBCs in more than 28 states and at least four countries, and more are founded each year.  The Young Birders Network maintains a directory of all of the clubs, which can be found here.

We’re excited to welcome our newest addition to the list: the Seattle Young Birders program, the first YBC in Washington. Seattle Young Birders seeks to connect youth ages 13-18 interested in birds and nature and provide them with opportunities for volunteer service, leadership, education, and plenty of fun. The Young Birders also emphasizes gaining research experience, a valuable asset for birders interested in pursuing careers in the sciences. The program is free to join and offers monthly meetings, field trips, and other activities.
Their first meeting will be on October 27th in the Seattle Audubon Office. More details and instructions for registering are available here.

If you are interested in starting a YBC in your region, see our tips on How to Start a New Club.