Pelagic birding in eBird

By Team eBird April 15, 2014

Black-capped Petrel in the Gulf Stream off Hatteras, NC, May. Photograph by Brian Sullivan.

Ahoy mateys! Have you ever wondered how to enter your checklists from pelagic trips? Will you be going on a pelagic trip this summer that you plan to enter in eBird? Birding at sea has some challenges that are different from birding on land, but many of the fundamental issues are the same. Birds still have their favorite habitats. Because of this, plotting your location accurately and precisely remains really important. But with the boat constantly moving, this creates some challenges. All of us at Team eBird enjoy pelagic birding more than just about anything, and it remains one of the great frontiers for discovery. To that end, eBird has a new eBird Pelagic Protocol that we hope users will follow on offshore trips. We also have a set of recommendations for how best to log your pelagic birding.

Read more on how to enter your pelagic trips in eBird.

eBird data entry now has the eBird Pelagic Protocol as an option. Please use this only after reading and understanding the protocol description in above link. If you have older records that fit this protocol, please do open them and edit them to reflect this new protocol. If you are doing a boat trip in the future, please read the above article and consider following the protocol, which will make your data more useful for science.