New checklist view in eBird

By Team eBird April 18, 2019

We’re excited to announce our redesigned eBird checklist view. You can see this new page by viewing any checklist in eBird.

As with other recent redesigns in eBird (e.g., Home and Explore), this page is now fully responsive to different screen sizes, working well on everything from your phone to your computer. With more than 60% of eBird traffic coming from mobile devices, and more than 70% of data being entered through eBird Mobile, this will make eBird easier to use for people everywhere. There are a series of other changes as well, most notably:

  • Mobile tracks on web—‘Tracks’ from eBird Mobile now display on the web (only visible to you on your lists)
  • Improved media view—Media now take up less vertical space in checklist view, and when clicked open a view that allows rating and paging through all media on checklist
  • Checklist media totals & filters—Click ‘species with photos/audio’ at the top to filter to only species on the list with photos/audio, and increase the size of media for a media-specific browsing experience