Mobile-friendly updates to My eBird pages

By Team eBird June 3, 2020

We’re updating some of eBird’s core pages with new features to help you more easily summarize bird observations, track your progress, and keep your personal lists, locations, and contacts organized. Plus the new page design is mobile-friendly, so you can view and manage your eBird activity on the go.

Explore the new look on your eBird Life List or Yard and Patch Totals, and try viewing these pages on a mobile device! Use the menus at the top of your eBird Life List to quickly filter your list for a specific region or time period, or choose a single species to explore all your observations of that species.

Check out the updated Yard and Patch Totals pages, where you can now sort standings by complete checklists in addition to the number of species observed for the current month, year, or all time.

We hope you’ll enjoy the flexibility and functionality of the new design. Look for similar upgrades in the coming months to pages including My eBird and the region and Hotspot summaries.