Merlin Bird ID launches for Western Europe

By Drew Weber August 4, 2017

We are delighted to announce that the first Merlin pack covering birds in Europe is available for download. Answer a few easy questions or snap a photo, and get real-time answers to your bird ID questions. Packs for Great Britain and Ireland, Western Europe, and Scandinavia features 400+ species with ID text written by Steve N.G. Howell, Alexander Lees, and Nárgila Moura, stunning images and audio from your eBird contributions that are archived in the Macaulay Library, and Merlin’s well-known Photo ID. Give Merlin a try today.

While Merlin is primarily known for its identification features, there is even more great functionality that cements Merlin as an invaluable addition to any birder’s phone. Regional bird packs give you instant access to songs and calls for each species you might encounter, hand-picked by the Macaulay Library archivist team. Additionally, Merlin provides quick access to eBird data in the form of custom ‘likely lists’—just choose your location anywhere in the world and get a list of the most likely birds to encounter in the area.

Download Merlin

Photo ID now covers 1,700 North American and European birds. The eBird and Merlin teams will be at the British Birdfair, so if you happen to be there, stop in at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology booth, grab some Merlin and eBird stickers, and say hi!