Introducing eBird Brasil

By Team eBird September 29, 2015

We are excited to announce the launch of eBird Brasil—a regional eBird portal for birders across Brazil. eBird Brasil is run by a team of collaborators that include SAVE Brasil, Instituto Butantan, and the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. We are very excited to work with these great organizations and establishments to expand the use of eBird in Brazil. Since the Global Big Day this past spring, eBirding has taken off in Brazil like never before. Brazilian birders were so engaged in the Global Big Day totals, and the competition for the most species seen worldwide on May 9th, that one Brazilian eBirder stated: “This is like watching a World Cup match!” We can think of no higher praise. In fact, the Global Big Day was such a hit that SAVE Brasil has organized the Big Day Brasil Primavera 2015

The Big Day Primavera will be happening on October 10th, in less than two weeks! This event engages birders across the vast expanse of Brazil in a single-day cooperative competition—how many species can the entirety of Brazil see in a single day? Can they reach 1700? Find out very soon. Sightings from the Big Day Primavera will be entered in eBird, so keep an eye on the Brazil Region Explorer during the 10th. This event will be held in the Brazilian spring, so birds will be at peak song and activity—ideal for finding as many different species as possible. With more than 10,000 checklists of birds reported this year, we are eagerly looking forward to seeing the results of the Big Day Brazil. Stay up to date on the latest by following the news on eBird Brasil, or on their Facebook event.