"Break into Birding" with eBird team member Tom Auer

By Team eBird March 10, 2016

Blackburnian Warbler

Are you a beginning birder, looking to take your interest in birding to the next level? If so, then consider joining eBird team member Tom Auer and fellow instructors Laura Erickson and Jerry Skinner for the weeklong “Breaking into Birding” program on Audubon’s Hog Island from May 29 to June 3 this year. Tom will be helping to instruct the program that will get you out in the field and show you how to get the most out of your binoculars, birding apps (such as eBird Mobile) and field guides. This course is a great opportunity to enjoy early breeding season songbirds on territory in coastal Maine forests, as well as a chance to visit Atlantic Puffin breeding colonies, where seabirds abound. Learn more here.