Help us build eBird Targets

By Team eBird August 21, 2014
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Suppose you are traveling to Japan and want to know what species are most likely during August-September that would be new for you. Or you want to know what species are most likely for your county year list so you can look for them this month. That’s the idea behind eBird Targets. You pick the region and months of interest, and eBird will give you a list of the most likely new birds. We compare your eBird species lists with those of everyone else to figure out what some of the most likely additions are. Sounds awesome, right?  Will you help us build it?

Our eBird News announced this next release in late July; if you did not get that newsletter, you might want to sign up here to keep abreast of news from eBird.

Those who give to eBird in the next two weeks will be able to access this in advance as a beta tester; donations of $50 or more will also receive an eBird bumper sticker.

We appreciate the comments we have already received. We hope to release this in October.

Help build eBird Targets now!