eBirder holiday discount: Birds of North America

By Team eBird November 25, 2018

Birds of North America (BNA) is a definitive scientific resource that can help you better find, identify, and understand North American birds and their conservation status. The Lab’s BNA team wants to extend a big THANK YOU to eBirders by offering special holiday rates.

Available only by subscription, BNA is the place where you can dig deep into the life histories of 766 birds that breed in the U.S. and Canada. Each species profile has been condensed from the available scientific literature by professional ornithologists and written in a way you can understand.

Along with breeding and year-round distribution maps, you’ll get information on plumages, molts, and measurements. You’ll learn taxonomic details such as geographic variation and subspecies. You’ll learn about the bird’s preferences for habitat and food as well as behaviors related to foraging, nesting, migration, and more.

Each species account comes alive with a set of multimedia assets including top-rated photographs, video captures, audio spectrograms, as well as figures and drawings – many of the assets captured by eBirders like you.

And because we know you care about birds as much as we do, each BNA account reveals the bird’s conservation status and population pressures and whenever possible, discusses relevant management practices. All the above is supported with scientific references and topped with a “Priorities for Future Research” drafted by ornithologists familiar with each species.

Are you interested yet?

Today we are extending a discount on a subscription to Birds of North America.

  • $25 USD for a 1-year subscription
  • $50 USD for 2-years
  • $75 USD for 3-years

If so, click here and select either a 1-, 2-, or 3-yr subscription term then add to cart.

To take advantage of this limited-time offer for a subscription discount click below, type “eBird “in the Promotion Code field at the left of the page and click “Apply”. Offer ends December 31st, 2018.

BNA is maintained by Cornell Lab of Ornithology in collaboration with the American Ornithological Society.