Introducing eBird Taiwan

By Team eBird August 4, 2015

We are excited to announce the launch of eBird Taiwan—a regional eBird portal dedicated to the island nation of Taiwan. eBird Taiwan is run by a team of collaborators at the Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute and the Chinese Wild Bird Federation. The portal is the first to offer eBird completely translated into Chinese (Traditional), and it represents the first opportunity for eBird’s tools and functionality to reach a quickly growing birding audience in Asia. In this fast-changing landscape, eBird can now offer local birders a place to report what they see, while making these data available for science and conservation. If you’re interested in seeing eBird in Chinese (Traditional), you can now access that from the language menu in the upper right of any eBird page! 

eBirders have already entered close to 15,000 checklists from Taiwan, including some really valuable sightings, such as this checklist that includes potentially 25% of the entire global population of Chinese Crested Tern. Taiwanese eBirders have already submitted over 350 checklists in the first 4 days of this month, and we look forward to seeing what they continue to find! To see more news from eBird Taiwan, check out their news stories—but you’ll have to read them in Chinese! You can also stay in touch with the latest about eBird in Taiwan through their Facebook group.

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