BirdQuest: A way to engage kids in eBird

By Team eBird August 20, 2014

Our BirdSleuth K-12 team has developed a new resource that will help groups of young people engage with eBird. We encourage you to take a crew of kids out on an adventure with their colorful Bird Quest booklet: can your group complete all six challenges, from meeting eBird to doing and submitting a count, to taking action by improving your habitat for birds? Free download here.

The challenges follow this standard outline:

  • Challenge 1: Meet eBird – Register and get comfortable with the idea of eBird citizen science.
  • Challenge 2: What’s Your State Bird? – A simple, targeted, search for one bird.
  • Challenge 3: Bird Groups – Look for birds that fit into three different groups.
  • Challenge 4: eBird Count – Practice a short citizen science bird count and enter the data online.
  • Challenge 5: Use eBird – You can use eBird to extract data about birds in your area.
  • Challenge 6: Habitat Improvement – After collecting data about birds, scientists can make informed conservation plans. Considering the birds in your area, take action to improve habitat!

The booklet is very self-explanatory and will walk you through each challenge. All you need to do is download it, print it out, gather your group, and go!