Moving from Avisys to eBird

By Team eBird August 26, 2015

Ryukyu Robin

For the past 24 years, Jerry Blinn ran Avisys—an excellent offline birding program that allowed you to track your bird lists. Due to an unfortunate and unexpected health issue, Avisys was closed on August 1st, and the program is no longer supported. Our best wishes go out to Jerry. Jerry has always been a great supporter of eBird, and has encouraged his users to transfer their records from Avisys to eBird. Your first reaction when thinking about moving your records to eBird might be one of apprehension–especially when you contemplate moving all of your sightings over from the past 5, 10, or 40 years. It shouldn’t be! Birders have moved all of their sightings from Avisys to eBird in a single afternoon. We can assure you that many eBirders have already made this transition with minimal effort, and are now happily contributing their sightings to science and conservation on a global scale, while also having their lists tracked just as before. We’re here to help Avisys users interested in transferring their data to eBird through the process—thank you to everyone who has already made the switch. Please read on for more information on moving to eBird with ease.

As part of the Avisys program, Jerry Blinn included an “Export to eBird” function. This enables you to get all of your sightings out of Avisys with no more than a few clicks, in a format ready for eBird upload. We’re grateful to Chris Sloan, a former Avisys user who now has all his data in eBird, for writing a great walk-through that details the export/import process: Importing Avisys to eBird. Virtually any question that you might have about the process should be addressed there. For any additional questions, we are happy to help.

You might be wondering, what can eBird offer Avisys users? These few features below are only the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you have 10,000 records or 500,000, moving from Avisys to eBird is a step that anybody can take. By using eBird, you’re ensuring that your bird observations are contributed to a global data set that benefits other birders, researchers, and conservationists; that your lists will be automatically maintained, free of charge and up-to-date with the latest taxonomy; and that your actions help give back to the birds that bring us all together.

Long-tailed Jaeger

Long-tailed Jaeger