Accessing eBird Status Data Products Just Got Easier

By Team eBird June 11, 2022

Here’s what’s new:

  • eBird Status Data Products for more than 1,000 species can now be directly downloaded from your web browser. Get weekly or seasonal abundance and range boundary data all with just a few clicks. Our Data Products can also now easily be added to your favorite mapping software, no need to use our R package.
  • Data Products available now (July 2022) include estimates of weekly and seasonal abundance for 2020, updated from the 2019 versions which were available from Nov 2021-May 2022.
  • Starting in November 2022, the annual update for eBird Status Data Products will include estimates of weekly and seasonal abundance from the previous year (2021). You no longer need to wait six months to access the most recent data.
  • Some Data Products require an access key that is tied to your eBird username, which you can get by reading and agreeing to our eBird Products Terms of Use.