Identifying hybrid Mottled Ducks

By Team eBird February 20, 2015
Mottled Duck Anas fulvigula

If you have ever gone birding in Florida, are currently birding in Florida, or will some day go birding in Florida, this is a must-read! Even if you bird elsewhere in the range of Mottled Duck (e.g., Texas coast), this essay written by Tony Leukering and Bill Pranty is a great help in identifying the features to look for in hybrid Mottled Duck x Mallards, which can be quite common in some regions. Most importantly, it points out the fact that many birds identified as Mottled Ducks are in fact “Muddled” Ducks! Read on for more information, and to download this extensively detailed identification article.

Click here to view and download this article in PDF format: Mottled Duck Hybrid Identification