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Owner Harkirat Singh Sangha

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    Comments: The Tal Chhapar bird was a typical moulting adult, probably in
    transitional plumage from first winter to first summer, showing
    a patchy mixture of plumage (full breeding plumage usually
    attained by early May). The bill was black, thick and short, unlike
    the needle-like bill of Red-necked Phalarope. The rich yellow
    colour at the base of the bill was quite conspicuous. A small
    blackish spot (‘phalarope mark’) just behind the eye and a
    small black smudge in front of the eye was on white head. The
    upperparts were uniform grey except for some hint of rufous and
    black on some feathers [102]. The wing tips reached tail tips, and
    a broad white wing-bar was visible in flight. The underparts were
    pure white and legs black